GEOSMARTS Moon Lander and U.F.O. Review

GEOSMART MoonLander and GEOSMART U.F.O. Review

Geosmarts have quickly become a favorite in our house. They’re right up there with LEGOs and my boys even prefer them to K’Nex! When I first reviewed GEOSMARTS last year, I didn’t know what to expect. Since then, we have purchased 4 more sets. My kids never tire of these, they can play with them for hours and their imagination runs wild. Take a look at our product samples and see these GEOSMARTS up close! Post contains affiliate links. 

geosmart moon lander and UFO review

GEOSMARTS are a hot toy in our house. With 4 active, imaginative boys, these are everything from moon vehicles to body armour. They’re durable, have survived a toss down the stairs from the baby to an accidental bath from my toddler. In addition, they’re colorful, inspire creativity and are fun. I was very excited to see that the company was releasing two new models, the Moon Lander and U.F.O. I already have the Space Station and a few others packed away for Birthday and Holidays and to be honest, I wish I had enough of these to fill a baby pool!

Here, you can see the GEOSMART Moon Lander and U.F.O. Take a look below:

geosmart moon lander and UFO review

The GEOSMART Moon Lander Features include:

  • 31 Pieces
  • Wireless remote control
  • Can be built into multiple vehicles
  • Battery & Motor powered
  • 6 squares, 2 triangles, 2 motors and mobile pieces
  • Patented double locking magnetic pieces
  • Great for STEM and Basic engineering learning
  • Awesome

geosmart moon lander and UFO review

geosmart moon lander

geosmart moon lander and UFO review

GEOSMART U.F.O. Features Include:

  • 25 Pieces
  • 6 LED Light-up Piece
  • Can transform into multiple designs
  • Inspires STEM
  • 12 Squares, 10 Triangles 2 Large Pentagons
  • Made from patented double-locking pieces
  • Really cool


geosmart moon lander and UFO review

geosmart moon lander and UFO review

(Pinterest image below)

Overall impression:

I can’t say enough nice things about these. My boys absolutely adore them and if your child, or adult for that matter, seeks 3-D building and colorful play…you should start stocking up too. These are great for fine motor skills, they make a satisfying clicking sound when the magnets meet, they enforce spatial awareness and body position and are fun. As I mentioned, I have a few sets stashed away for Birthdays and Christmas and I am so excited for my boys to open their new additions. Next project, building a moon-inspired play space for these!

I know that these say ages 5 and up. But, my almost 2-year-old loves them and his older nearly 4-year-old brother. They play at their own level with these, and my older boys spend more time making the moving vehicles and constructing more complicated builds.

What do you think?

geosmart moon lander and UFO review

You can find these on the GEOSMART website and also at my affiliate banner below:

Video by GEOSMART below:

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3 years ago

These toys looks amazing !!

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