Geffen Baby Super Absorbers + Cotton Fitted

Geffen Baby Super Absorbers + Fitted Diaper

If you are like me and have a very heavy wetter, you have probably tried hundreds of different diapers to keep them from leaking, especially overnight. I jumped at the chance to try Geffen Baby’s 100% Cotton Fitted Diaper and absorbers, and I am so glad I did! The Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted Diapers are amazing! Take a look at Elizabeth’s product samples and visit affiliate links to find these! 

geffen baby super absorbers and fitted review

Geffen baby is a well known made in the USA cloth diaper brand. They’re famous for their super absorbers, highly absorbent prefolds and quality. In addition to the fitted diaper and super absorbers seen here, they make a fladdle (flat/swaddle), 60% hemp 40% organic cotton fibers like in the geffen baby prefolds, and they make 95% of their products right here in the USA cutting down on fossil fuel use for transport overseas and ensuring safe and fair working conditions for employees.

One of their most well known products, the super absorbers, can be seen here paired with one of their very reasonably priced cotton fitted diapers. Fitteds are great for well hydrated babies because unlike a pocket or AIO the entire diaper, wings and all, is made of absorbent material. Have a look:

geffen baby super absorbers and fitted diaper review

geffen baby super absorbers and fitted diaper review

Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted Diaper features:

  • 8 layers of 100% cotton
  • Hidden elastic in waist and legs to protect baby
  • Plenty of room to lay soakers
  • 4 different sizes to fit all babies-XS/newborn, small, medium, large
  • No snaps or Velcro

The Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted diaper must be washed prior to first use because it is 100% cotton and will shrink. I used the large which fits 21-30+lbs on my 26lb 16 month old. It shrank a very minimal amount and he still has plenty of room to grow or have more soakers added. The xs/newborn fits preemie to 10lbs, small fits 9-15lbs, and the medium fits 15-24lbs. Plenty of sizes to fit your baby as he grows.

I used 3 Geffen Baby Super Absorbers Plus in the Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted diaper, but you can use anything from prefolds to flats.  I was skeptical since my son is a super heavy wetter and the inserts didn’t seem thick enough. I was wrong though! I used a wool soaker over the Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted diaper, but a diaper cover can also be put over it to keep it waterproof.  After 10 hours at night, I was pleased when I changed him and the fitted diaper was only slightly damp! 3 absorbers worked without anything extra added. Success! 3 nights later and I can honestly say, these fitted diapers and absorbers are amazing! I have never gone this long without having to change in the middle of the night or not wash the sheets in the morning. I tried 1 absorber in the fitted for daytime use, but that wasn’t quite enough. 2 absorbers was perfect and I didn’t get any leaks after 3 hours.

Geffen Baby Super Absorbers

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from 5 layers of 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton
  • Super soft even after washing for baby’s sensitive skin
  • 3 absorbancy levels to fit your baby-quick absorber 2-4oz, regular absorber 4-6oz, and super absorber 6-9oz.

Additional info:

The Geffen Baby absorbers do need to be washed at least 3 times prior to use to gain absorbancy and wash out any natural oils still on them. They did shrink about 15% but nothing out of the ordinary for natural fibers. The absorbers stayed ultra soft even after multiple uses and washings compared to other inserts that get stiff or “crunchy” after washing. They are quite large and may require some folding depending on the size of your baby, but they cover front to back nicely to catch any liquid or solid leaks.

The Geffen Baby 100% Cotton Fitted diaper and absorbers held up extraordinarily well for my super heavy wetter! I like that the materials used are all natural with no dyes to irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. The absorbers are made in the USA but the fitted diapers are imported. I must mention that I discovered that the fitted diaper has no tags on it at all thus making it not labeled for CPSIA. We did let the company know so they can add tags to additional products because the diapers are fantastic! I would definitely recommend the Geffen Baby 100% cotton fitted diaper and absorbers, especially to anyone with a heavy wetter or a baby with sensitive skin.

Below you can see the fitted diaper on a 26 lb baby for day use with 1 super absorber and at night with all 3 super absorbers:

geffen baby super absorbers and fitted diaper review

geffen baby super absorbers and fitted diaper review

geffen baby super absorbers and fitted diaper review

Where to find Geffen Baby products

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