Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive product to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     I’ve been taking a prenatal vitamin for nearly 6 years now for pregnancy and breastfeeding and at times both. I’ve tried vitamins prescribed by my OB, vitamins I found in the grocery store and those I’ve purchased online. It wasn’t until I discovered whole food vitamins that I truly felt good about the vitamin I’m taking. In addition to loving the ingredients in a whole food vitamin, I also feel like I’m taking the best product for me and my baby. Many of the ingredients are organic, whole food derived and don’t nauseate me like traditional vitamins. I’m happy to share Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Vitamins with you. Full details below:

      I like the Garden of Life mykind organics prenatals because well…they’re organic! As-in certified USDA organic, Vegan and Non-GMO project verified. How are the ingredients whole food and organic? For example The 800mcg Folate is from Organic Lemon Peel! Folate is necessary to Support Healthy Fetal Development – the Recommended Amount to Prevent Neural Tube Defects. In addition to the lemon peel derived folate, the 18mg Iron comes from Organic Curry Leaves and helps Fight Iron-deficiency anemia. Pretty cool right? I don’t worry about where ingredients have come from, what lab they were invented in and I love that I’m putting good things into my body for both me and baby. I’ve found that whole food prenatals digest easier and never feel stuck in my throat or lead to nausea. As a pregnant lady I’m nauseated already! I need a vitamin to help improve the way I feel and Garden of Life Prenatal’s blend of stomach soothing herbs is a welcome addition to my routine.

     The recommended daily intake is 3 tablets; A 90 tablet bottle = 30 day of use. When I first looked at the tablets I thought I’d have a hard time swallowing them. I’m happy to report that they go down easily and I take all 3 at once. The tablets are coated and slippery when taken with water and don’t have an aftertaste. While I don’t always take 3, sometimes I take 2, and I definitely don’t feel as peppy when I miss a day or two. My future recommendation for the product is to come with a beeper to keep me on track! While I can be inconsistent in taking my vitamins, overall I feel better taking them during both pregnancy and breastfeeding then without. I love replacing anything my body may not be getting through diet, and may be used by my growing baby and milk supply.
     How do whole food vitamins help supplement my diet? I’m expecting my 4th baby and have experienced different cravings with each child. If I’m having a day where I want to eat nothing but olives or cheese burgers I think “well at least I took my vitamin!” Knowing that ingredients including 30 organic fruits, veggies and herbs help make up for my odd cravings. Ice cream for dinner? Yep, good I took my vitamin.
     A little about the company. Garden of Life is committed to producing quality products and they offer a huge line including Men’s, Women’s and Children’s vitamins and supplements under highly supervised manufacturing practices. I recommend visiting their website to see the gigantic line of products including kids vitamins. My children recently started taking the Vitamin Code Kids which is the first Non-GMO certified children’s vitamin out there. To my surprise, they easily switched from their highly processed gummy vitamin and I couldn’t be happier. Garden of Life is the type of company I hope to have every family member using products daily. From my hubby’s vitamin and protein powder to Grandma’s needs, they have everyone covered. Their products can be found on Amazon at great prices, where 2-day shipping is free with Prime (one of my favorite ways to shop!) and free for orders over $35 without Prime.

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Garden Of Life Mykind Organics

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