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Funky Fluff AWJ Athletic Wicking Jersey Diaper Review

Funky Fluff AWJ Review

     If you’ve been following Funky Fluff AWJ, then you know they released a new product/concept to cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ). What’s Funky Fluff AWJ? Think track pants, but thinner. This fabric is thin, has nice stretch and is high-performance stay-dry. Just like the Funky Fluff Lux Bamboo Diapers, it’s well thought out, made with quality materials and designed in Canada. Currently offered in three colors, Sweet Coraline (Coral), Kryptonite (Charcoal) and Maritime (seen here). The silky and shiny waterproof PUL of this diaper, in combination with the AWJ, creates a versatile diaper that is as thin as some of our thinnest covers! Take a look at it here in photo, and on my 2.5 month old baby styling it out below.


Funky Fluff awj athletic wicking jersey review. This extremely trim and stretchy shell makes a great pocket, cover and can be used in multiple ways. See photos and review details!

funky fluff awj review

funky fluff awj review

Funky Fluff AWJ has created a new concept in cloth diapering with this lining. As someone who has tried many cloth diaper brands, I know that there are few that offer any sort of athletic material. Definitely not athletic material that forms a pocket! Our Grovia Hybrid Shells are lined with an athletic style fabric however, up until now, there hasn’t been anything like this.

The AWJ is high-performance, more stain resistant than the Funky Fluff Lux, breathable and doesn’t pill like many of the poly liners available. These are trim, did I say trim? I would place these close to the trimness of our Thirsties Duo shells. In addition, there is a gentle amount of stretch that allows this to mold and hug my little man without leaving elastic marks or squeeze him around his EBF belly or thighs too tightly.

Funky Fluff AWJ Features Include:

  • Water-resistant PUL outer
  • 100% Polyester Athletic Wicking Jersey Inner
  • Multi Functioning; Can be used as an AI2, Pocket or Cover
  • Quick Absorbing
  • Breathable
  • Fast Drying, great for line-drying indoors or out
  • Generous Rear Pocket for Stuffing
  • Front and Rear Pocket Openings
  • Snap for AI2 Inserts
  • Crossover Snaps, great for handling Poop Cloth Diapers
  • OS Diaper; 3 Rows of 2 Rise snaps
  • 2 Rows of 10 Waist Snaps
  • Fits 7-35 pounds
  • Crotch Width to Allow for Good Leg Closure
  • Bonus arm snap to prevent “wing droop”
funky fluff awj review


funky fluff awj review


funky fluff awj review


funky fluff awj review


funky fluff awj review

This is my 2.5 m/o little one here in Funky Fluff AWJ. See that look? It says Pick me back up Immediately Mama! He’s a fussy one and really enjoys being held. After this look passed, he figured that since I set him down, it must be time to eat and rolled up onto his side looking to nurse. In this photo, he’s wearing the Maritime AWJ shell with a Geffen Baby hemp/organic cotton jersey prefold. In the photo of him on his side, you can nearly see the outline of the prefold. This shell has all the trimness of a thin diaper cover, but with a stay dry lining!!! That is super exciting. If you’re new to cloth, trust me, it’s super exciting. Why? Baby can wear a prefold with a stay dry pocket lining that helps keep wetness from his skin. Bam. Exciting. These can, of course, be used with any of the Funky Fluff Inserts and we’ve also tried this shell with the Lux Bamboo inserts from our Funky Fluff Bamboo Maritime Diaper.

Best uses?

This diaper is excellent for warm climates, rash-prone bottoms and any baby who dislikes going without a stay-dry lining. I can see this line expanding fast and having a hard time meeting the market’s demand. It dries sooooo fast. I have yet to toss this in the dryer and have dried indoors on a rack and outdoors on our clothes line. It finishes drying way before our other diapers and I fear that placing it in the dryer with outer diapers, that take longer, would put unnecessary wear on it. The pocket in the back is generous. I would recommend this to anyone with big hands who has trouble stuffing diapers.

funky fluff awj review


funky fluff awj review


funky fluff awj review
About the company.
Funky Fluff is a Canadian company. Products are designed, owned and operated by 2 experienced Moms; Kathy and Tricia. As knowledgeable cloth diapering Mamas, they set out to design a quality, eco friendly and reasonably priced diaper line. While they initially set out to produce Funky Fluff in Canada, costs lead them to research the best facilities in China. Workers are paid a fair wage, have air conditioning, are of working age and even have paid time off. Their line consists of diapers, wet bags, pail liners and soakers sold separately. Love what you see? Make sure to visit the Funky Fluff website and give them a “like” on Facebook. Where do you purchase Funky Fluff? Two of my affiliates and favorite retailers carry the brand and have both amazing prices and Free shipping options!
Where can you buy this cloth diaper? Some of my favorite affiliate shops:

Nicki’s Diapers (USA)

Diaper Junction (USA)

Amazon Canada! 

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