Fresh Wave Natural Odor Remover Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive product samples to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. 

     I first learned about Fresh Wave products at a Mom convention. I had the opportunity to meet the company reps and get some small samples of the products. Hubby and I, plus our 3 babies had traveled to DC for MommyCon, spent the night, and planned on driving home after the conference. Our boys generally travel well…given the right amount of snacks, time of day and movies. We didn’t make it far from the convention center before our 20 m/o became carsick. We pulled over, used our cloth diaper prefolds to clean him up, and thought we were on our way again. We only had a 4 hour trip home and figured that avoiding passing snacks his way would prevent more sickness. We were wrong. On our 4th stop, about 45 minutes from our home, he wound up having his carseat turned forward facing to prevent motion sickness and was changed into one of my maternity tops and a pair of his older brother’s pants. A light bulb went on and I remembered the Fresh Wave samples I had in my bag! Open article to see more:

     I’m not sure why, but minivans have poor air flow. There are two windows that pop-out in the back, and the driver and passenger windows in the front. Needless to say we were not happy with the odor in the car. I gave the air a few spritzes and was glad to change the odor a bit for the remainder of the ride. I googled the Fresh Wave site and was glad to read that the products will be available at Target soon. I’m not a big fan of candles, room sprays or odor covering products like Febreeze however I do find this smell to be…well…fresh. Products offered include a spray, gel which comes in a container with a lid and lasts 30-60 days, and smaller-sized packs that can be tossed at the bottom of a diaper pail or trash can to help pinpoint odors. 

     When I first smelled these products, I thought…this smells like the Dentist’s office! I still think that. The fresh combination of scents is airy and light and certainly not overpowering. They just smell clean. I’m using the gel in our bathroom, I tried it in the kitchen and the space was too large. Several of the packs are spread throughout the house. One is under the sink next to the trash can, one is behind the toilet, and I have another under our diaper pail. I really love that the products say they’re non-toxic, safe for children and pets…but avoid consuming them. I know that even the vapor from candles can be full of chemicals and it’s nice to see a product aimed at deodorizing in a chemical free way. 
    The spray is my favorite. You can use one squirt, or ten, depending on the amount of deodorizing needed and it has a small ‘lock’ button on the handle to prevent little ones from spritzing. Downsides? Overall the products aren’t very potent. I moved the gel to our bathroom, where I no longer find it noticeable after about a week and a half. I’ve tried jiggling it around to reactivate it, but overall the samples I have would be best for very small spaces. While I couldn’t find these on Target’s online site, they should already be popping up in stores. Make sure to visit the Fresh Wave website, follow on facebook and keep an eye out at your local Target for these items to become available.  
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