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Free Pink Women’s March Hat Graphic

The Women’s March was the largest protest in history and streets around the country were filled with pink Women’s March hats. I am honored to be a woman and so proud of the women who marched in support of our basic rights and beyond. However, as a Mom to 4 little kids who were puking from the stomach flu, I was home watching the march and living vicariously through the marchers on Instagram under #WomensMarchonWashington .

I started looking for a pink hat to buy. I thought, at least I can be supportive with a pink Women’s March hat! I found a few, but they are custom made and will take time. Until then, I made this graphic with a transparent background and want to share it with you. Simply upload a photo of yourself, hover the hat over your picture and shrink it down and move it around until it’s perfectly on your head. Enjoy!

     How to get your free pink Women’s March hat graphic to put on a photo of yourself. Copy this by right clicking and saving photo. The photo is of the hat and the background behind that hat is see-through, so whatever you put this over the only thing you will see is the hat.

 If you have trouble with that you can also get it from google drive: HERE

Next, upload a photo of yourself in PicMonkey or another editing program. Use the hat as a layover and position it over your head. Align it perfectly, shrink it down to size or make it bigger depending on the photo. Save your work! Use it as your profile picture or your next Holiday card.

pink women's march hat

pink women's march hat

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Find out more about the Women’s March and the 10 actions, 100 days


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