My Favorite Organic Skin Care Products for Clear Skin

I have a secret. I love organic skin care products. I’ve tried nearly every beauty product I see at the store and many online as well. Truth is: Not all skin care is created equal. Organic skin care products stand out and there are several that I always use. Many skin care products contain chemicals and other ingredients I don’t want near my skin. Organic brands contain ingredients derived without pesticides or chemicals, have great ingredients and perform well. Here are my favorites and some affiliate links so you can find them easily online.


My skin and I aren’t always on good terms. I have times when I breakout, oily patches and sometimes I look in the mirror and my pores scare me. I’ve found that there needs to be a balance between cleaning my skin and not drying it out which can make it produce more oil. In addition, it’s not oily everywhere. I suppose I have the “T” zone of oil. My forehead, nose and chin often are the main place for clogged pores and pimples. In addition, I developed dark spots during pregnancy and me cheeks often feel dry.

I’ve found a handful of great organic skin care products that help keep my skin clear. I start my routine by cleaning my skin. I like to use a washcloth in little circles but recently received this soniclear sample from Michael Todd Beauty to do a seriously professional job. The Soniclear comes with a long handle and brushes for my back and feet, but I mostly use the antimicrobial black and white brush head for my face. It has 6 speeds and in a few minutes I do an amazing cleaning job, 10x better then my hands, even when I don’t really have time.




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     I toggle between two face washes. I’ve found that these both clean well, have amazing ingredients and I can’t find one that cleans as well without drying. While they run higher then a plain generic orange salycylic acid cleanser (my go to if this is unavailable) they are worth the few extra dollars. Both have an amazing ingredient list, smell great and contain ingredients to remove dead skin and oil. The first is Avalon organics vitamin C cleansing Gel. They do offer a Vitamin C cleansing lotion cleanser but I find the gel performs better. The second is Kiss My Face start up exfoliating face wash which is a similar clear gel formula.

     I always moisturize after cleansing. I remember my Grandma giving me my first moisturizer with sunscreen before I hit double digits. The sun is damaging and moisturizing plus sunscreen, even on cloudy days, is very important. In addition to a daily moisturizer, I use two different serums to help with exfoliation, getting down to better skin, and to nourish. Every so often I use a glycolic acid peel. It’s super powerful and sometimes burns a little. It even needs to be neutralized with baking soda after a few minutes! I also like to use a product with retinol to help with the dark spots I developed during pregnancy, vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. While I can’t use daily (they increase sensitivity to sun) they are important parts of my routine. Here are my favorites.

     While I’ve found many organic skin care products for cleaning my skin, I haven’t found an organic moisturizer I’m absolutely in love with. I do like this Avalon Organics light moisturizer with SPF but still use the Lancome night cream. I’ve used Lancome since I was a teenager and found it after I had a terrible allergic reaction to Oil of Olay. My dermatologist suggested trying a department store brand and after trying most, I settled on Lancome. I’m happy with both their day and night creams and occasionally use their genefique serum, but prefer the vitamin C serum found below.

     So that’s it! Cleanse, serums, moisturize and repeat. I hope sharing my favorite products helps you find some great brands! These are cleansers and serums I’ve used for years and I’m continually on the search for better and higher quality. So far these can’t be beat, but if they are I’ll make sure to update this article Thanks for stopping by! `

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