Don't Make This Mistake! Bring 3D Drawing to Life with MyMeasures

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     While in college I worked part time in customer service for a major furniture retailer. During training, I was told to tell customers that furniture in the showroom looked drastically smaller then it would in their homes. I encouraged measurements, visualization and reference to existing furniture. Still, the phone calls would come in. “The delivery truck is here and the sofa won’t fit in our living room,” “The bedroom dresser won’t even fit through the doorway” and so on. I thought, how is this possible?! Don’t make the same mistake with


    Truth is, it’s hard to visualize an imagine dimensions. Luckily, there’s an app for that! is designed to turn 3D drawings into shareable content that you won’t leave in your coat pocket. MyMeasures works with both Android an Apple devices. This is great because you can create a sketch on an Ipad and sent it someone with a Samsung for viewing. In addition, there is an upcoming cloud service that will allow storage and retrieval from anyone with access and multiple devices. Create a drawing and share it with an entire team! Here are some of the features:

Key features:
– Annotate photo with arrows, angles and text comments
– Include multiple detail photos
– Organize projects in folders
– Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
– Supports Fractions
PRO features:
– Share project as PDF or images
– Export projects to Dropbox, Google Drive, …
– Unlimited files and annotations
– Advance tools: snap, zoom, calculations
– Transfer projects to Mac and Windows PC
– Secure projects with password or Touch ID
– Leica DISTO laser meter support
MyMeasures is Perfect for everyone from professional architects and contracts to the DIY-er looking to remodel a room. Lica and bluetooth measuring devices can be used by advanced app users, or you can simply sketch something as small as a dresser for sale on ebay. Here are some examples and a helpful video:



     How can this help every day? Say you want to put tile in your kitchen and need to talk to someone at the local home store so you can DIY a great design. Use MyMeasures to map out your appliances, floor space and even the kitchen table. Take the dimensions on your phone right to the store and leave with the right amount of tile, thinset and grout! Save time and money by not buying more then you need. Get the supplies right the first time and get the job done! We have been remodeling our home one area at a time. The MyMeasures App will be great for picking our the best bathroom vanity and tub for our space. Who wants to waste money on unnecessary supplies? I’d rather put that money towards a fun family outing or out next project. Luckily, MyMeasures helps avoid inaccuracies and common mistakes.
The MyMeasures App is great for DIY-ers and Contractors. However, if you’re not feeling up to the app, you can send a photo to someone who is! Let them convert the photo into real-life design to get the best quotes and references available. You can purchase the Apple MyMeasures App from the App Store or the Android version from Google Play. There is a free version (with locked features) but the full app is only $5.99. As always, thanks for stopping by! I look forward to hearing your design conquers, success stories and projects with this amazing tool!


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