Diva Milano Essenza Wrap Review; How to Care for a Diva Milano

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate this review, this is not a paid post. The opinions here are my own, the photos are of the actual sample (except for this rainbow of wraps which is from Diva) and thanks for stopping by!
     Diva Milano! The name envokes images of beautiful Italian wraps and Diva catalog photos of women dressed for an apparent day at the office wearing an outfit I wouldn’t ever consider donning at home. I think, there’s no way that woman would feed her baby spaghetti in that dress…then put him/her in a wrap! Although I can’t relate personally to their promotional photos, I can relate to feeling beautiful when babywearing..and Diva wraps certainly accomplish that. We have been honored to be selected to review a Diva Milano Essenza woven wrap and below you’ll find out thoughts, experiences and even instructions on how to wash a Diva Milano!

     Diva Milano. If you’re familiar with babywearing, then there’s probably a Diva wrap you’re lusting after. If you’re new to woven wraps it’s definitely a company you’ll want to follow. Diva Milano offers babycarriers including woven wraps, Mei Tais and Ring Sligns. Diva Milano products are designed in Milan Italy for two company divisions; Diva Milano and Diva Essenza. 
     Diva Milano are higher priced, more limited and complex jaquard pattern wraps…and Diva Essenza are readily in-stock and lower price-point carriers with an easier access to babywearers from all budgets. Diva Milano Wraps are woven with Egyptian Cotton and produced in Italy while Diva Essenza wraps are woven using Indian Cotton and produced in India. (1). Items such as Ring Slings and Mei Tais are made on the spot at warehouses in Portugal and Russia. These warehouses are also responsible for product shipments.

    Diva Essenza offers a permanent stock of wraps in a wide array of colors and lengths (see rainbow above). Products include woven wraps, ring slings and Mei Tais and fabric in 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend. The wrap featured here is Oltremare (6th from left in the rainbow above) Mare meaning the sea in English in 100% cotton. How much do these wraps cost? Wrap prices are in Euros so I used a google converter to get a price range into Dollars. Essenza wraps go from $116.24 for a 4.2m to $133.93 for a 5.2m woven wrap (92 – 106 Euros) but please check currency rates before purchasing for the most accurate prices. View their whole line by visiting their website. (1).


     I was nursing my baby when I heard a faint knock at the door. When I had an opportunity to look through the window….the porch was empty. I attributed it to lack of sleep and thought I must be hearing things. I later found an orange package slip in the mailbox. “Russia” it said with a tracking number….Russia I thought?!! I could-not-wait until the post office opened the next morning to pick this package up! In the weeks prior, I had received an e-mail that my blog was selected to complete a review (thanks to your mentions!!) and I knew this had to be our Diva Milano sample!!

     When I opened the box I was immediately impressed with this color. I quickly unpacked the wrap and felt the fabric between my fingers. I thought it would fall on the thinner side of the woven wrap database scale and was surprised to find that initial measurements worked out to 252 g/m2 which is a medium thickness woven.
     The pre-wash width was 27.75″ (.705 m), and 187″ long (4.75m). I couldn’t wait to wash and prep the wrap to reveal it’s fluff; With a density like that I predicted that the wrap was going to plump up nicely! I knew the paisley design was going to come to life and it certainly did. The wrap is nearly iridescent and has a beautiful color on both the right and ‘wrong’ sides of the woven.

     Post care I was soooo happy with how this wrap fluffed! I brought the tape measure and scale back out to discover that the new width was 25″ (.635m), and the length shrunk a whole 16.5″… and came down to 170.5″ or 4.33m making the new density 279 g/m2 moving it up to a ‘thick’ wrap.
      Not only did this process change the wrap’s density, but the colors became more alive and revealed cush and bounce I didn’t expect from a budget friendly line. Because of this shrinkage, I do recommend purchasing a longer wrap if you plan on completing more supportive carries. In a double hammock I must tie at the tippy tippy tails in the 4.6m size with both my infant and toddler. It wraps well for both my infant and toddler, however is too narrow to get a good seat with my 3 year old (who wears a 6-7T!) so not a big surprise there.

     Although Diva Essenza wraps undergo a pre-treatment to make them “soft right out of the box”(1) pre-use wrap care instructions for Diva wraps include cold water wash with low spin and liquid detergent without brighteners, bleach or softeners. Post wash you should line dry (no dryers) and cool iron. I set ours below the ‘cotton’ blend because the wrap was fairly wrinkled out of the wash and the cool setting didn’t impact it’s appearance. I’ve also noticed that if I fold or roll the wrap after use…most of the wrinkles go away on their own and or are barely noticeable.

      I accidentally left a white microfiber diaper insert in the washer and when I discovered it (stuck to the roof of the washer) it was definitely blue. Due to this I recommend washing your wrap alone to ensure the dye doesn’t bleed to other fabrics. When this Diva Essenza wrap isn’t in our diaper bag or being used I keep it folded, much like it is seen here, on a hanging shelf organizer in my closet to allow for optimal air flow and organization of wraps…and plan on continuing the cold wash routine to ensure this color stays as permanent as possible.

      The wrap overall is fairly floppy (not as floppy as our Pavo), but does require some breaking in. In addition to softness, this pattern provides a good amount of grip. How does grip impact a carry? More grip means that tying a knot can take some finesse and planning. It also means that sliding the second pass of a carry might need a little adjusting because the wrap nearly sticks to itself. Although this isn’t the ‘grippiest’ wrap I’ve used, I do find that it has a nice adherent quality and thus doesn’t need much adjusting after being wrapped.

     The wrap presented with some very small pulls and nubs pre and post wash, perhaps weavers knots or normal occurrences in the cotton fibers…all which I anticipate will work in and/or nearly vanish as we continue to wear this beauty. If I wasn’t closely inspecting the wrap, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them at all. The paisley designs is eye catching and I have received a lot of compliments on the wrap when we’re out and about. This is comfortable for me and I haven’t noticed any ‘diggy’ marks on my wrap-ees under their knees or on the thighs where they would typically appear.

     I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed reviewing this wrap!! As always thanks for stopping by as always I appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google. Please make sure to follow Diva Milano on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit their Online shop to see this beautiful wrap and others!!

1. http://www.diva-milano.com/diva-essenza/

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