Cutie Booty Box Review; Check out the February Goodies!

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, it does contain affiliate links.

     I will admit to being a box subscription skeptic. When I first heard of Cutie Booty Box I thought that it would be impossible for the company to get quality products for the price. I was wrong! As a blogger I’m thrilled that I won’t need to look for diaper products to review for a long time…they are showing up at my door!! As a cloth diapering Mom to two babies… it’s very exciting. Zero work on my part and fluffy goodness surprises in my mailbox!! What’s in the February Box you ask? Did you see what came in the January Box?!
     I think Cutie Booty Box may be reading my mind. I have many diaper brands in our home and we love testing them out! I think we have 19 now?! However both the January and February box have had items that are new to us and I have secretly wanted to try!! So I started looking up the value of this box online. Here’s the thing, I couldn’t find one place that carries all of these items; Amazon doesn’t carry Funky Fluff and the smaller shops that do carry the Funky brand don’t carry the stain stick or RLR. So let’s have a look inside!

February Box Goodies:

     Get 15% off your first box with the code Mama15! I get credit towards another box and you get an amazing box of goodies (so thanks for using it in advance!!)

$29.95 (month to month)
$85.95 (3 month)
$164.95 (6 Month)
FREE shipping for subscribers on all 3 levels! 
Paid shipping if you order after boxes have been sent out.

     After unpacking the box the JuDanzy leggings went on immediately. I even lost the tag. Why baby leggings?  Leggings are a great way to have fast diaper changes and keep baby’s legs warm. I love that the feet and diaper stick out while the legs remain covered and warm. My one year old is learning to walk well and he occasionally slips if he’s wearing socks. Having bare feet give him better grip and less falls and I don’t have to take pants off and on for diaper changes.
     The packet of RLR has been great, it’s a whole separate post. I ‘stripped’ some of my diapers in the tub and WOW, I can’t believe what came out of them. Dirty dirty water from what appeared to be clean diapers. The water was filthy. I would absolutely invest in a bunch of packets to do this more often and would even use it on other items like clothes and bedding. 
     I will admit to not using the bunch farmers stick yet…because it smells amazing. I have it in my desk drawer and every time I open it I am so happy to get sniff. Ingredients are Coconut oil, Palm oil, Canola oil, litsea, cubeba oil, eucalyptus oil, lye, water, borax. I have no idea why this combo smells so great, but this is even better then a drawer sachet. I’d love a whole box full so I could hide them everywhere, even in my purse!
     Funky Fluff is a brand from Canada and while they are sold through some USA retailers, they have yet to hit big markets like Amazon. They are one-size diapers and adjust in both rise and width with a series of snaps. We are testing this diaper out and will let you know our thoughts after it’s been well trialed. 
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