Cutie Booty Box Review and Coupon Discount Code

     Cutie Booty Box review and discount coupon code for 15% off first box! Imagine if you could send yourself a surprise of fluffy goodness every month. Or, send the perfect gift that arrives monthly, 3 months, or for 6?! Well….turns out you can! It’s so exciting. Once I knew this box was on it’s way…I was watching for the delivery man and got excited every time I heard a truck. (Small neighborhood, not that many trucks). I need to talk to the guy next door with the diesel pickup….he needs to coast down the road when I’m expecting a package!!
     So first things first, Cutie Booty Box does not come in a box. It comes in an envelope, and I am super impressed that this made it through the mail. Especially the bottle! I was thrilled that it smelled great and couldn’t wait to open it. I am very impressed with the size and number of items in the package, as well as the cohesiveness and thought that went into it. I photographed it on a silver platter here (okay, well it’s a pizza tray) but I thought serving it up on a platter was appropriate!

**** Update, Cutie Booty Box has been Dormant Since April 2015***

  Cutie Booty Box is a subscription service for cloth diaper lovers. While you can purchase on a month-to-month basis, it pays to subscribe because monthly rates are lower for package deals. Even better, these full size pre-selected product packages and range from:

$29.95 (month to month)
$85.95 (3 month)
$164.95 (6 Month)
FREE shipping for subscribers on all 3 levels!
     These prices include shipping for subscribers and boxes are valued well OVER their cost. There may be leftover boxes at the end of each month you can purchase, however shipping is not included for those. The January box pictured here has a retail value of $64. I’m very excited about all the products, and also like the cohesiveness of the items. It’s easy to tell that a lot of thought and planing went into this selection! So what’s in the box? (Keep in mind each month will be different!)
  • 1 Sweet Pea Diapers Bamboo AIO (all in one)
  • SofCheck water hardness test strip (I have always wanted to know how hard my water is!!)
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm sample
  • Baby bits wipe solution bottle and 3 bits that make the solution 3x…and smell great! 
  • Whole roll if Sweet Pea disposable and flush able liners!!! 

      I am in the process of trialing out these products and I am so excited! Especially about the wipes and liners. Aside from helping with poop clean up, they are flushable. So cool. I’ll let you know my thoughts on the products after we trial them for awhile, but as for the next Cutie Booty Box…get in line! What a great present too!! While all other presents end at the baby shower…if you get the 3 month subscription for under $100 you’ll know that a wonderful surprise is coming in the mail month after month! What a nice pick me up after baby is born too.


  • Good value
  • Nice selection and variety of items
  • Well thought out and cohesive
     How do you Get it?
Coupon Code:  MAMA15

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