Creative Easter Baskets Kids Love

Creative Easter Baskets Kids Love

I stood in the Easter aisle at Target looking at the Easter Baskets. Pink, yellow, green…all made from wicker or reed or whatever the baskets I had as a child were made from. I pictured the basket sitting around for another year, not likely. I imagined it being used for one morning and then making it’s way into the trash, more than likely. However, I couldn’t picture one of the baskets fitting into creative image I had for my kids Easter baskets.

creative easter baskets

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I picked up and handled several of the colorful baskets in our local stores and felt disappointed. Based on the materials and odor, these single-season Easter baskets seemed to only be available in low-quality non-durable materials that just won’t make it until the next season in our house. In addition, I highly suspect that the dyes and chemicals I could smell don’t go well with our goal to be more Eco-friendly.

Luckily, there are many non-traditional Easter Baskets that are durable, creative, useful and fun! You can stuff Easter presents into virtually any container that holds items upright. The size and sturdiness of your container will be based on the items you need to put inside. #2 is my favorite for books!

Here are some of our best ideas.

1.Rain boots

Rain boots are a great Creative Easter Basket because they can also be used! This is one basket that won’t get shoved in the closet until next year. The items in the rain boots + the boots themselves make a great Creative Easter gift! Wrap a ribbon around the boots to secure them and stuff with gifts!

creative Easter Baskets


2. Storage Cube

Storage cubes are possibly my favorite basket. They fold flat for storage until the next year or can be used in cube organizers. They are large, sturdy and tall enough to hold hardcover books with ease! I have one in each color for my boys folded nearly flat in the closet that I use each year! The one seen below comes in 40 colors!

Creative Easter Baskets

3. Dump Truck

As a Mom of 4 boys, we’ve had our share of trucks! We’ve learned that the metal are far more durable than plastic and our favorite brands are Tonka and Bruder. Stuff goodies into the back of an awesome truck for an instant Easter basket for your truck-loving kiddo!

Creative Easter Baskets

4. LEGO storage brick

I love that my kids love LEGOs. They spend hours building, creating and even following complicated instructions. I don’t love LEGOs all over the house. A LEGO brick doubles as a great creative Easter Basket and can be used after the Holiday for brick storage! They come in various colors and sizes!

creative easter baskets


5. Themed trash pail

A wastebasket is perfectly shaped to make a creative Easter Basket! Plus, it’s useful after the Holiday as a trash can or can be used year after year as a sturdy Easter Basket!

creative Easter baskets

6. Flower Pot

Flower pots make great containers for so many things! You can find clay pots for around $1-$2 most places and add a quick coat of acrylic paint and sealant for a custom design or buy a pot in nearly any color and shape you can imagine. Use the pot after Easter for planting seeds, transplanting another plant or growing an awesome porch tomato.

creative easter baskets

7. Wagon

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a wagon…one would make a really impressive and creative Easter Basket! I personally prefer wagons with higher sides, to help prevent little ones from falling out, and that radio flyer red is so nostalgic.

creative Easter baskets

8. Pet Bed

Do your kids love their pets like mine do? Using a pet bed is a great way to include your child and your furry family member(s). The sizes and shapes of pet beds are infinite. From a $60+ wool bed to something around $15 at your local box store, there really is something for every pet.

Creative Easter Basket ideas

9. Watering Can

Do you have budding gardeners? My kids really love helping out in the garden and one of their favorite activities is watering the flowers. Watering cans make great baskets and are useful and can be reused over and over in the garden or for potted plants. Make sure to check the size of the watering can for basket use. Some can be small and others very large.

creative Easter baskets

10. Backpack

This would definitely be Dora’s favorite creative Easter basket! Backpacks are a great way for kids to tote things around and use them for school! Plus, backpacks are not just for kids in public or private school. As a homeschooling Mom, my kids love their backpacks for toting around books and fun items to Grandma’s and on trips!

creative easter baskets


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Whatever creative Easter basket you choose, remember that having something to use year-round by making the basket part of the gift or finding a fun container to use year after year that defies traditional reed baskets is fun and exciting. Have a Happy Easter!

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I love the idea of fun but useful Easter gifts! The boots are my favorites!