Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Big Toddlers

Finding Cloth Diapers for Big Kids, Older Children or Big Toddlers can be challenging. Whether it’s for bedwetting or daytime training, big kids have different needs. While most cloth diapers go up to 35 pounds or so, there are diapers and trainers made for larger children. Based on a child’s shape and needs, a bigger size may be needed and several brands offer them. In addition, these brands are great for larger children, persons with disabilities, children waiting for potty training to finish and bedwetting. Here’s a list of the best Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Big Toddlers including shops and affiliate links to find these items:

cloth diapers for big toddlers and cloth diapers for kids

1. AppleCheeks Size 3


AppleCheeks pocket diaper offers their Envelope Cover in a size 3! This pocket style diaper goes from 30 – 65 pounds and is designed with an absorbency system for older and larger children. This diaper can be stuffed with customized absorbency and closes with snaps In addition, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. AppleCheeks also makes a potty training pants, but the largest goes 30-45 pounds and is meant for leaks and not full wet diapers.

There is an even larger size out now, the AppleCheeks Size 4.

See our AppleCheeks Size 3 Review here.

2. Super Undies


     Super UndiesNight Time, or Bed-wetting pants, offer sizes 1 – 4 and goes up to a 9 – 13-year-old range! In addition, they also offer larger sizes up through adult known as their Threaded Armor product line. These go all the way up to an X-Large which is 40 – 42″! These pull-on pants come in different absorbency amounts from light leaks to heavy wetting as well. In addition, side-snapping pants are available. With potty training pants, bed wetting pants and the adult line has Older children and Big Kids covered! In addition, Super Undies are Made in the USA.

3. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap


     Unlike the other diapers, this is a cover only. Bummis features a Super Whisper Wrap in XL, up to 40 pounds. This is a diaper cover, perfect for over a flat, prefold or fitted. However, I disagree with thir sizing. I have one XL cover and both of my 40 pound children have room to grow in it. This cover also promoted their Made Here promise, with production in Canada and materials sourced from the USA and Canada. The aplix is nice quality, it’s lasted us nearly two years now and it’s very trim and thin under clothing. I use it over a night time diaper or for day trips and find it’s very useful.

4. Imagine XL Cloth Diaper


     The Imagine XL cloth diaper fits from 35 – 70 lbs approximately and comes with a generous, adjustable, microfiber insert. While this diaper is sized similar to the Applecheeks size 3, I personally found that the wing droop didn’t work for us. When my son stands, the wings point down to the ground and the diaper is difficult to walk in. While he primarily wears this at night, I prefer the fit of the AC size 3’s and this is what I’ve added to our stash. However, the price point of this diaper makes them impossible to not mention.

See the Imagine XL compared to AppleCheeks size 3 here. 

5. bumGenius Big Cloth Diaper


bumGenius released the Big & Bigger cloth diapers! The Big goes from 35-70 lbs and the bigger goes all the way up to 120! It comes with a more underwear-like cut and all the quality you would expect from Cottonbabies. I’m really happy with the fit, the ability to adjust it with rise snaps and the quality I have come to expect from BG. Downsies? This is a pricier diaper and it doesn’t come with an insert. There is also a size up, the Bigger.

Read our bumGenius Big review here.

6. Omaiki Day and Night Trainers (Pull up style)


Omaiki, a Canadian based company makes all of their diapers in Canada with fabrics from North America. They offer cloth diapers for babies, day training pants for potty learners and the HERO nighttime bedwetting pants. Available in a large range of sizes, all the way up to 10, these have absorbency plus the option to stuff a pocket with a booster.

Read our Omaiki HERO Nighttime training pants review here.

7. Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 3

If you love the trimness of the Duo Wrap, but you needed to find a larger size…Thirsties has announced the size 3! It has the same features as the size 1 & 2 but fit larger babies and children from 40-60+ pounds and in my experience, is one of the trimmest covers on the market. It can be used with prefolds or fitteds, but does not function as a pocket like the Imagine or BG Big listed above. Find them at Nicki’s Diapers.

thirsties duo wrap size 3


Looking to purchase these items? Want to talk cloth diapers for big toddlers and kids? You can find all of these brands and styles at my affiliates:

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[…] of fit and then re-position somehow. That was, until they didn’t and I started hunting for cloth diapers for big kids. My 2 year old son turned into my 4 year old son still in diapers and we have faced some medical […]

Carol 40
Carol 40
1 year ago

Thank goodness for size 3. Regular bedwetter 56 pounds.

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