Cloth Diapers Cheap * Cloth Diapers For Less

Cloth Diapers Cheap – Cloth Diapers For Less

When I first started looking into cloth diapers, I was shocked by the price tag many name brands carry. $20 for one diaper? The upfront cost was a lot and we were hurting financially at the time. I was recycling coffee grounds, spending $240 on 12 cloth diapers was just not possible. How do you get cloth diapers for less?

cloth diapers cheap cloth diapers for less

Getting cloth diapers for less takes some planning. Yes, you can get name brand cloth diapers for less than retail but it takes some research and planning. Many cloth diaper retail stores have sales, you can get quality supplies for less and if you are okay with used items you can even buy second hand. Getting cloth diapers cheap may take some research but it’s worth the time it takes to save money on cloth diapers!

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Getting Cloth Diapers Cheap – Lowest Cost Supplies

Finding the lowest cost supplies while still buying something of quality is easy. Prefolds or flats and covers!

There is a reason many cloth diaper charities use prefolds and waterproof covers: They work! Natural fiber flats or prefolds are amazing for absorbency + easy to care for. Traditionally, you can buy a prefold for around $2 and a cover that can be reused again and again for around $12. If you use one or two $12 covers all day long and even a dozen prefolds, you are cloth diapering all day for under $40 in many cases compared to spending $40 on just two pocket diapers from a major brand.

What covers do I recommend? My favorite thin waterproof covers are these duo wraps. They go perfectly with prefolds and/or flat diapers at a great price here too.

Recently, cottonbabies came out with their Elemental Joy line that features made in the USA pocket diapers and flats! The cost per diaper is at an amazing price point for a pocket diaper!

Getting Cloth Diapers for Free

Cloth diapers are provided to families who meet certain qualifications from cloth diaper charities. In many cases, if you meet the financial requirements, you can get a starter set of cloth diapers for free or for the cost of shipping! This is a great way to save money! The stash can be used for your whole cloth diapering journey or allow you to save up to buy something more specialized like a fitted diaper or all-in-one.

Cloth Diapers for Less – Sale Sections!

Most cloth diaper shops have sale sections that include overstock and prints that are out of production. In addition, most shops carry their own brand of diapers that run much lower than a brand like BG or Thirsties!

In addition to having year-round sale sections, most retailers have special sales for Black Friday and other holidays. I saved up and bought my newborn prefold stash a few Black Fridays ago!

Find cloth diaper sale sections at these retailers:

Kelly’s Closet (USA based)

Diaper Junction (USA based)

Nicki’s Diapers (USA based)

Canada: Get cloth diapers (huge selection & pricing) from Amazon Canada!

Cloth Diapers Amazon

When shopping for cloth diapers on Amazon you have to be cautious. Not all retailers are reputable and you may be getting a knock-off product or something that doesn’t meet quality and safety standards baby items are tested for. One of the reasons many brands are more expensive than diapers from overseas is the testing and in-states sewing shops.

However, some swear by inexpensive brands on Amazon like Alva Baby and have luck with inexpensive cloth diapers Amazon. Some get diapers that smell like chemicals and have covers that delaminate and peel after a short period of time. Luckily, Amazon has a pretty good return policy however as they have expanded I have noticed a drop in customer service quality and response.

Cloth Diaper Co-Ops

I have had some cloth diaper co-op experience and can tell you a little about how these are run. To save money on cloth diapers, some parents join a co-op which is a group that buys a large amount of diapers to get a better price. This sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, the diapers they typically buy are from overseas as well and do not hold to the same standards as items that are CPSIA compliant, meeting chemical and lead standards in the USA. I have spoken to people who love these diapers and I have spoken to people who received diapers that are extremely poor quality and/or smell like paint.

If you have money to gamble, this may be something you’re interested in. However, if you are looking for diapers as this price point you may find that you qualify for the free cloth diapers listed above and can use that stash indefinitely or as you purchase something you really want like a made in the USA BG pocket or Thirsties diaper.

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