Cloth Diapers for Cats

Cloth diapers are a great eco-friendly option for babies. Now, there are cloth diapers for cats. Cloth diapers are made from natural fibers, breathable and great or cats who just won’t use the litterbox. Have to take a long road trip? Don’t worry about stopping to let kitty out. Use cloth diapers for cats to keep your cat comfortable and dry on the road.

cloth diapers for cats

     Let’s face it, some cats just won’t use the litter box. Most cats prefer to toilet outdoors, but it’s not safe for them to roam free. Cats can get hit by a car or eaten by a bear. This is where cloth diapers for cats comes in. Kitty won’t use the litterbox? No problem! Simply apply cloth diapers for cats and keep your house free from cat pee and your cat both stylish and comfortable.

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     Make sure your cat is the most stylish feline in the neighborhood. Move over natural kitty litter and litterbox and put some fabulous fluff on your cat’s bottom. Is spraying a behavior problem? Put a stop to spraying with cloth diapers for cats.

     You didn’t think I was going to let April 1st go by without a joke, right? Now share with your friends so they can have a laugh too!

     Love the diapers here? These are real high quality cloth diapers for babies hand sewn  from HumBird that I edited! Make sure to visit her shop for your baby!

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Heather Johnson
4 years ago

Haha Cloth diapers for cats. Too funny! I will have to remember this post for next year on April 1.

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