Do I Really Need a Cloth Diaper Sprayer?

Do I Really Need a Cloth Diaper Sprayer?

I’ve been cloth diapering for over 5 years now! I wish I started with my first son, but I started with my second when I discovered modern cloth diapers. I’ve had successes and mistakes and learned a lot, but one of the things I struggled with was purchasing a cloth diaper sprayer.

In the early cloth days, our budget was tight and I wasn’t sure if spending funds on a sprayer and/or splatter shield was necessary. Read about my experience and get a close-up look at the HeepWah Baby sprayer below.

do I really need a cloth diaper sprayer

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate my review however, the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate banners. 

Dealing with poop was one of the trickiest parts of cloth diapering. I tried many things to handle poop. One thing that I’ve learned is that a great cloth diaper sprayer and splatter shield can make or break your cloth diapering experience.

The cloth diaper sprayer seen here is a HeepWah Baby sprayer found on Amazon. I had tried two previous sprayers, the last one simply a bidet I purchased from Amazon that eventually started leaking everywhere. I received this sample and was unable to install it right away, DH had to help me attach a piece of the bidet hosing to make this fit with our plumbing but since then it has been smooth sailing!

The hose is super flexible, the pressure is great even with our low-pressure well water and it has sprung zero leaks at the fittings and tubings. The sprayer comes with a 3-year warranty on replacement parts and based on the quality of construction I am not worried about this failing like the white one it’s replacing. It comes with white Teflon tape that goes around fittings before screwing each piece on and this also helps get a good tight seal.


heepwah cloth diaper sprayer review heepwah cloth diaper sprayer review

heepwah cloth diaper sprayer review

The sprayer comes with a wall or toilet mount and screws with grommets for attaching them in drywall. It has a water pressure control and so far ours has been great. I also use this to rinse my reusable menstrual cup when I’m sitting on the toilet and to spray the bowl clean under the rim after I scrub it.

For spraying poop off. I first place the diaper in the spray shield. If I didn’t have the shield, water and poo would splatter all over the bathroom walls…and me! I place the shield right in the toilet and spray down. The pressure is enough to remove poop pretty fast and I either let the diaper drip off excess water or I ring it out before placing in our wet pail.

Would I recommend the sprayer?

I would! It’s at a great price and has been performing really well in our home for several weeks now!

Do you need a cloth diaper sprayer?

You can dunk and swish diapers, do a sink rinse or try to scrape off poo. However, I think a cloth diaper sprayer is an amazing accessory to have. The splatter shield prevents back-spray from hitting the walls and as a team these accessories can really make cloth diapering a breeze!

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 heepwah cloth diaper sprayer review


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Awesome review! Cloth diaper sprayers definitely help make the cloth diapering process much smoother!