Buying Glasses Online. Everything You Need to Know!

Buying glasses online can be a scary process, but it doesn’t have to be and I have a GreatEyeGlasses Promo Code for you!  Not if you know what information you need, where to shop and how to order. If you go to the right place, buying glasses online is fun and easy! I went through the process and will share my experience, tips and results with you. Did I love my glasses? Would I recommend them? All of the details below about my experience with GreatEyeGlasses.  I received a product sample to facilitate my review.

buying glasses online greateyeglasses promo code

     I’ve worn glasses since I was a child. I admit that at first, I didn’t love glasses. When I was a child, there was a stigma attached to wearing glasses and they were definitely not cool. When I became a young woman, glasses were suddenly in style! Now glasses are a hot fashion accessory and you can can even order stylish glasses, at an amazing price from your living room!

The last pair of glasses I purchased from my eye doctor were super stylish. I love the frame! However, even after my eye insurance I paid around $250. When my 2 year old bent the frame, I mean really bent the arm, I took them back for repair. The woman from the eye department looked at them and frowned. “I can try to bend them back but if they break we’re not responsible.” Sitting there, saying a little prayer for my glasses, looking at the paperwork I realized that I would need $750 to replace them! Yikes!

Next, my eyeglass search lead me to WalMart. While I like their frame guarantee, I’m not thrilled about visiting this busy store and the customer service cold use some work. I looked at ordering online several times but to be honest, I was very nervous about the process. While shopping on GreatEyeGlasses I asked my family over and over about my frame choice and took my time ordering. I ended up choosing the Foley in blue!

    I pushed order and felt my adrenaline rush. So exciting right? GreatEyeGlasses not only has this huge selection of stylish glasses, but they have amazing prices. My top of the line everything, thinnest lenses available pair was under $200. In addition, they make glasses right here in the USA. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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When buying glasses online you need to select Lenses

GreatEyeGlasses has a large selection of lenses. Plastic are free and even the most expensive micro-thin lenses are $129.99. I’ve personally found that having thinner lenses is better with a higher prescription. They’re lighter on my ears and nose, look nicer from the side and the different material is more durable and clear.

The lenses from GreatEyeGlasses are way less expensive than my Eye Dr., and they even include free coatings! As a Mom to little kids who like to play with my glasses, I find that the anti-glare and scratch coatings are a necessity. The anti-glare makes the lenses look more clear when people look at me and doesn’t give as much of a mirror effect. They also offer sun darkening, tints and polarization.

I was thrilled when my glasses arrived in perfect shape in the mail! In fact, the lenses are the clearest I’ve had and even with a high prescription and an astigmatism the clarity is brilliant. They did take me about a day to get used to, I would recommend not popping on your new glasses while driving. Overall the whole process was painless. In fact…I can’t wait to get another pair! How fun, right?

Here’s what you need to buy glasses online:

  1. Your prescription
    • I made an appointment and asked for my script ahead of time.
    • WalMart eye center gave it to me on a piece of paper and I just typed it in!
  2. Frame choice
    • Frames start at $5.99 and even the most expensive puts my eye doctor’s prices to shame! To shame.
    • Metal, plastic combination options
    • Use a tape measure or ruler to get an idea of size or compare to current frame
  3. Selfie or camera for online try-on feature
    • I found that my IPhone worked better for this than my computer and the color on the phone was more accurate than my laptop.
    • Upload the photo or screen shot and try on glasses. You can move them, shrink and rotate the frame.
  4. Pupillary Distance
    • My husband helped with this. Pupillary distance is the distance between the center of your pupils. The website says that for “most adults’ PD are between 55-65mm and most kids’ PD’s are between 42-54.” They recommend the person measuring be at arm’s length. We used a soft sewing measuring tape.
    • The Eye Center at Walmart would not give this to me citing liability.
  5. Credit Card
    • Ordering online requires a AmEx, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.
  6. GreatEyeGlasses Promo Code MBA4GEG for 20% off!

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Selecting a frame

Picking a frame was hard for me. Looking at my collection of old frames, I noticed that they all look nearly the same. This time, I wanted to try something I wouldn’t normally choose, and go out of my comfort zone a bit. Using the same soft tape measure, I measured my current frame and compared it to frames I liked on the site. This, in combination with the try-on feature, made picking a frame easy.

Using my current pair of glasses, a measuring tape and the virtual try-on feature I found buying glasses online at home to be a great experience. When selecting eye glasses IRL, I don’t have my glasses on…and have to squint to see if the frame looks nice. Looking at a photo of myself with a frame on is a great way to see how they really look, no squinting required! Ever try to pick out a frame after the doctor has dilated your pupils? Not an issue buying glasses online!


For the most part, buying glasses online is all positive in my experience. The price is better, especially if you use my GreatEyeGlasses promo code MBA4GEG, the quality is great and there is a huge selection. In addition, you can virtually try on glasses from home! However, depending on where you go for adjustments, they may or may not adjust the glasses. My Eye Dr. is extremely reluctant to give out my prescription and will only adjust glasses bought there…for $750 they should give a pedicure too!

One of the main reasons I went to Walmart for my last eye check was my eye doctor’s high cost and difficulty with getting a prescription in-hand. I was very impressed with the eye doctor at Walmart, but not their frame selection. Without needing to ask, they handed me a prescription! They have also never asked me where I bought my glasses and makes adjustments because I’m a customer. I pick up laundry detergent, get odds and ends and get my glasses adjusted without having to stop at my doctor’s office!

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Anne Sweden
Anne Sweden

Thanks for the tip about getting your glasses adjusted at Walmart. My optometrist is the very same as yours. They make a big deal about providing me with a prescription and I get scowls if I come in with a pair I purchased elsewhere that needs tweaking. The prices at GreatEyeGlasses are really affordable and that’s something I will definitely check out next time! My current pair is over 1 year old and my prescription just changed.

Michelle Turner
Michelle Turner

I have bought glasses online multiple times with bad results. Thanks for the tips to make sure I get it right next time!


I usually wear contacts, but I have thought about buying glasses online. Not having to go into a store would be so much easier! Thanks for the tips.

Alex O
Alex O

I was planning on buying glasses this week buy didn’t really know a good site, thanks for the tips and code!


Thank you for such great tips! I’m needing to order a new pair soon!

Sandra Caballero
Sandra Caballero

Great blog !! I also been wearing eye glasses since I was a child. I got to check this website out because it’s so cheap! I also want thin lenses. I’m telling my husband about this because he is in need of new eye glasses.