Bummis All in One AIO Review

     I love cloth diapers! Not only are they adorable, but they are chemical-free and better for the environment. Definitely easier on the wallet long-term. Cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular and I love sharing great brands with parents in all stages of diapering. Price range is vast and you can spend anywhere from just a few dollars to big bucks for those highly sought after or hard to find! Why the big price difference? Many factors determine pricing including; Materials, factory location and worker conditions. I love knowing that a USA or Canadian worker is being paid a fair wage, and working reasonable hours, then wonder if our cloth diapers are the product of child labor and poor factory conditions. Wouldn’t you?
     Bummis’s attention to quality and ethics is outstanding. Their “Made Here” promise means they get everything, including their fabric, from USA and Canadian sources when available. That’s amazing! Why? Many companies, even if USA or Canadian made, use fabric from overseas and “in the past 20 years, 1300 fabric manufacturers have closed in North America and hundreds and thousands of textile workers have lost their jobs.” Bummis only uses offshore fabric when a North American product isn’t available and their products are fantastic! Have a look at their All-in-One diaper here!! (please pin image below, it’s pinterest sized)

     I feel like Bummis isn’t talked about enough in the cloth diaper community. They should be in alllll the chatter. Why? Amazing products and a superb company. They care about every millimeter of their product and how they’re made. We are proud owners of the Bummis dimple diaper and now these two beautiful AIOs. I’ll admit to not being an AIO fan in the past. Now that we’ve tried several, I wish we jumped into AIOs sooner! They’re so easy. They’re the first diapers I stuff into our diaper bag and the diapers I leave out for Grandma and Hubby. They’re easy to put on, easy to wash and trim. In addition, unlike some of our other brands, Bummis’s AIOs are absorbent!! Absorbent and soft. Ohhh soooooo soft. The fabric is amazing and it might be the smile on my face, but I know my 3 m/o little ham loves these too! Take a look at the features:

     Great looking diapers, right? In addition to being adorable, these diapers come with very well thought out features and functions. They are offered in multiple solids and prints and at a reasonable price for the quality! Features include:

  • One-size fits 8-35 pounds
  • All-in-one
  • Trim Fitting
  • Pocket for Optional boosting
  • Tongue-style soaker; Can be used in pocket or outside
    • Stay Dry or Organic Cotton against baby’s skin
  • Natural fibers including Organic Cotton
  • Natural Gusset
  • Waterproof PUL outer layer
  • 3 rows of 2 Rise Snaps
  • 10 waist snaps in 2 Rows
  • Absorbent and Soft interior
  • Available in 4 prints and 5 solids
  •  “Made Here” Promise
  • Easy to Wash and Fast Drying for an AIO
  • Free of Lead, Phthalates and BPA

     Our experience has been pretty great. So, as I mentioned, I didn’t start out as an AIO fan. I began cloth diapering first with prefolds, and then dove into pockets. Once I started trying AIOs I wished I had added them sooner! They’re super easy to use, ready to go right out of the wash and don’t confuse Grandma. I never hear “what do I put into this diaper” or “how do I fold this again” from the occasional helper. They do take longer to dry then our pockets and covers, but it’s not really an issue. All of our natural fibers take longer, including prefolds, and I find that drying them all together on our hanging rack works well. As for staining, the stains come out easily too. If the wash doesn’t do the trick, then sunning our cloth diapers removes stains from every style we own.
     When I first opened these diapers, I thought “these are much more adorable in person then they look online!” The PUL is kind of shiny and has a great feel. The inside of the diaper is super soft. The soaker material is positioned in such a way that it doesn’t get under the snaps on the waist band, and allows for a great waist fit without having a zillion waist snaps. The snap area is still lined with fabric, for comfort, but doesn’t have any added soaker bulk. So far, this has contained EBF poo well…and my guy is a champ! He was 17 pounds at his 8 week weigh in and he’s 12 weeks in these photos. He’s on the smallest rise and still has lots of size left in the waist band. I expect these to fit him for a long time!
     I prepped these diapers in 4-5 wash and dry cycles with our regular laundry. For day use they have enough absorbency for my heavy wetter, and I change diapers approximately every 1.5 hours. Sometimes less! I have added a small boost right in the front if we’re going in the car or need to stretch a bit longer for a nap, but overall this is one of our more absorbent diapers. I’m very happy with the fit and look forward to these coming out of the wash. They are easy to put on and since my little one started waving his arms and legs when I change him, it’s a nice feature! I need speed on my side! I leave the rise snaps where they are and only need to snap the 4 waist snaps for a change.

     One of my favorite things about Bummis is their “Made Here” promise. They use fabrics, when available, from North America including the USA and Canada. In addition, diapers are made in Canada by workers paid a fair wage. These diapers aren’t made by children overseas…only to travel via environmentally polluting transportation to North America. In addition, I’m certain that these company owners are my cloth diaper company BFFs. Prisident Betsy, and VP Shirley started this company literally at the kitchen table. Both boy Moms (I have 4!) and experienced breastfeeders themselves and supporters…I feel like I know these ladies personally! Betsy even rescues Pit bulls and Cats! While I was expecting my first son we had our first rescue Pit and I come from a long line of animal lovers too!! Shirly is a wine fan and also known as the Laundry Whisperer… okay, so enough about why these ladies should be on my Christmas Card list… Should you try these? Yes. Should you build an entire stash from these? Yes. Toss in a few dimple diapers too and I only have nice things to say about the whisper cover we own. It’s a large, super trim and My 34 lb son has lots of room left to grow into it! Where can you get these? Two of my favorite affiliates (Diaper Junction with the bigger selection):

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