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Recently I was sent a Brick Loot subscription box to review. My 4 boys are huge LEGO lovers and I knew they’d love a surprise box. Block toys are one of my favorite items for imaginative play and we had fun with this Brick Loot Review. We couldn’t wait for this box to arrive and to tear it open! Each of my children plays with the bricks in a different manner and the 3-dimensional play, instructions and ability to create are valuable learning experiences. We love bricks so much that we went to LEGO KidsFest and even have LEGO stationary! See what we thought of the Brick Loot Subscription box below:


     When I opened up the Brick Loot subscription box I wasn’t sure what I would find. The Brick Loot, brick lovers subscription box comes with Brick Loot brand bricks. This box came with a Pixel Monster, Head Case holder for bricks, Arcade mini building set, a figure and a brick art. To my surprise, there weren’t any LEGO pieces in the kit however the Arcade, Figure and Head Case are Compatible.

     The Pixel Monster is still sitting in our cupboard. The instructions are poor and these are the smallest bricks I’ve ever seen! Literally no one in the house can put it together. Not my LEGO masters, not my husband or I are so talented. The instructions that accompanied the Arcade set were not LEGO quality either. While they were a bit more detailed then the single small sheet that came with the Pixel Monster, they were not as detailed as the sets we purchase with LEGO. At $27 for a single month plus $6 shipping ($33 total), I feelt as though this pack was not worth the value even though we received a sample. We recently purchased all of the series 9 LEGO Mixels , a set of 9, for around $60.

     I did find the LEGO brand head case for $34.99 on Amazon (discontinued by manufacturer), but couldn’t find a Pixel monster or arcade set to compare the Brick Loot brand to. We were recently at the LEGO store and they had the mini figured priced at 3 for $9 and you could create your own, just these two items when compared to LEGO make up the value of the box. if they were LEGO brand.



     Final thoughts? This would really be an individual preference. Down the road I hope the company would offer more age specific boxes or preferences and I hope to complete another Brick Loot Review to see another box. I hope I find someone to assemble this pixel monster or maybe a youtube video so it’s not sitting in my cupboard! But don’t take my word for it, this is just a snapshot of the company. Visit my affiliate and view the Brick Loot website online! Not only do they have the subscription box, but they also have an entire collection of bricks.

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