Breast Milk is the best food for babies and I’m not going to stop talking about it because you don’t like it

I’ve been breastfeeding for many years now. It hasĀ not been an easy road. However, lately I notice a paradigm shift. A shift from women at least attempting to support each other to a culture that is permissive of non-breastfeeding Moms bullying breastfeeding Moms…for breastfeeding. Bullying for mentioning breastfeeding, talking about their personal experience or facts about the endless benefits.

As I write this article, I’m well aware of the angry comments it will lead to. I don’t care. I moderate comments on this website and they will be deleted.

You can harass me, complain about how hard breastfeeding is for Moms, tell me why formula is better for some babies, complain about pressure to breastfeed and go on and on about why I should stop talking about how wonderful, amazing, miraculous and how breast milk is the perfect food for babies…because you don’t like hearing it. I won’t stop.

I can give you a never-ending list of the benefits of breastfeeding. There really is a never ending list. I can tell you about my personal experience, breastfeeding bonding, the benefits to Mom which include a serious reduction in breast cancer risk…but it’s pointless. Completely pointless, you already know the benefits.

The angry mob of formula feeding Moms set out to destroy “breast is best” marketing slogans, reportedly made by the formula industry to cause discourse by the way, will follow. I know many who come here will not read the text and refuse to hear scientific information and facts. FACTS.

So you won’t find the facts here, you have google.

Maybe you struggled breastfeeding and went to formula, maybe you didn’t try and went to formula, maybe you didn’t want to use donor milk…whatever your reasons are…it does not give you permission to bash breastfeeding or minimize the importance, life saving benefits and amazing wonderfulness of breast milk.

So go. Get your mob of formula feeding Moms to come tell me how terrible it is that I said breast milk is best because you don’t like it. Go on and on about the fact that mentioning breastfeeding makes you feel bad. Go on about some other absurd reason you think gives you the right to bully me for stating the facts and talking about my beautiful breastfeeding journey.

Beautiful, beautiful and sometimes bumpy breastfeeding journey.

I won’t be bullied.

If you don’t like it. Too bad. It won’t silence me, I won’t stop talking about how amazing breast milk is and other Moms should not either. I’m tired of pussyfooting around, worrying about sharing a breastfeeding photo because someone will tell me it hurts their feelings, or start on a rant about how great formula is…

Breast milk is the best food for babies and I will not be silenced.


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Sandra Caballero
Sandra Caballero
3 years ago

I love this blog post. I breastfed my first daughter for two years. Second daughter is three years old and I’m still nursing her while I’m pregnant with my third baby coming soon in 2018.

3 years ago

I totally agree! My first is due in October and there is no way I would consider anything other than breastfeeding. I was breastfed and my mom openly shared thoughout my life why she felt it was so important. One thing she would say is that kids my age that weren’t breastfed seemed to have a lower immunity and had frequent colds and other health issues.

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