Boba Babywearing Company Acquires Beco Babywearing Company and What Lies Ahead

     One thing we can be certain of is that things are always changing. Seconds from now the world will be different then it is in this precise moment. Recently Boba, a well known baby carrier company, acquired Beco, another well known baby carrier company. Things are changing fast. For many babywearing families, this change came as a surprise. For others who work behind the scenes, this was a long time in the works. Friendly merger? Hostile takeover? What about the carrier you currently own? Are Beco Soleils discontinued? Bekhnis? Yes, the questions are rolling in! Here is some info that I hope helps answer the questions circulating in the babywearing community.

       “On April 1, 2016, Boba and Beco Baby Carrier officially joined forces and merged into one company united under Boba Inc. Both brands will remain independent, but all operations and brand support have been moved to Boba’s head office in Boulder, Colorado.” (1).

      Gabby Caperon, founder of Beco Baby Carriers, and Robert and Elizabeth, Boba founders, recently merged the two companies. Boba acquired, purchased, the company and reports being in the process of managing both companies, relocating and redesigning the Beco site. Operations for the new babycarrier supercompany are now located at Boba HQ, in Bolder CO.

     What about the employees? Boba reports offering positions to employees from Beco who were willing/able to move to Bolder, Co. As you can deduct, those not able to move are no longer employees of the company. In an official release from Boba, they report that employees were invited and that their goal was to keep as many employees from the original company structure as possible. However, an unofficial and anonymous source told me that employees were “let go” and the friendly tone in the official press release was not conveyed. My thoughts? If my employer told me I could keep my job if I moved to Colorado, I imagine it may leave a bad taste in my mouth as well. However, I’m sure tough decisions are made when companies “merge” and keeping everyone happy is impossible. I hope they sent flowers or cake or something to thank those employees who couldn’t move.

     YES. Beco Soleil Carriers are being discontinued. If you love the Soleil, now is the time to get one! I started a Beco Soleil Carrier giveaway with some amazing bloggers from my nework with right before all of this information became public. We are giving away a Beco Soleil in Ellie and for anyone unable to buy one of the discontinued carriers, it’s a great chance! As others race to purchase the available stock…you may be able to win one!

     Goodbye Bekhni. In official statement from Tekhni, Boba has decided to discontinue the Beco partnership with Tekhni. “Boba has made the decision to discontinue the Bekhni line and Tekhni partnership as part of the merger changes. There will be no additional Bekhnis released. Customers that have purchased one previously will still be able to recieve replacements parts and service through the Boba team, which is now managing the Beco brand.” As a Tekhniteer and Fan of Tekhni on a personal level… I was very disappointed to hear this. I mean, who wouldn’t want to partner with Tekhni?! The woven wrap fabric carriers are amazing, and I’m disappointed…but know that Tekhni company owner Alisa never disappoints and I’m sure will emerge with a better and even more amazing replacement. Perhaps Boba will be releasing their own brand of woven wrap carriers? The future is a mystery and I eagerly await more information. 

     MommyCon. The MommyCon information I can pass on; “We aren’t able to share any information at this time, but will make an announcement as soon as we can. However, we currently do not have any ticketing options affected by the change in ownership.” Does this mean No more Beco at MommyCon? I don’t know yet. What company doesn’t want to get into the MommyCon VIP bag? I’m looking forward to seeing what replaces the Beco Carrier VIP slot, and will share information with you as soon as it’s available. However, even though I currently don’t know what’s expected in the coveted VIP bags…I am not going to hesitate to get my VIP bag ticket. I’m sure it will be amazing. Whatever ends up in there. If you follow me on social media I’ll make sure to share my MommyCon DC goodies! Please use my coupon code “STJEL16” to get savings on your general admission ticket (needed before you purchase VIP).

     What to think of all of this? Things change. I hope for the better, and look forward to seeing what becomes of this merger, perhaps portrayed or perceived as a takeover of some sort from the chatter. All press releases are friendly and I encourage you to read them. Boba reports looking for feedback. My hope? I hope that Boba re-does the Beco carrier waist buckle. As someone who has tried a various number of soft structured carriers (SSCs) I was really surprised by the 3-button release in the Beco carrier buckles. While I believe this may be a safety feature, I freaked out when I couldn’t get my carrier off (and my newborn was crying). While some can press all 3 buttons at once, I do not possess the dexterity needed and I have to spin it around to take it off. I also hope they re-angle the shoulder straps. As someone with a narrow shoulder width, even with the shoulder strap buckle at it’s highest slide-setting, the carrier sits out far on my shoulders, as you can see in my Beco Gemini Review.

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