Blueberry Cloth Diaper Review

Blueberry OS Organic Pocket Review:

I’m thrilled to share a Blueberry Diaper Review from Blueberry Cloth Diapers! This brand was on my to-do list for a long time and I’m really excited to test it out. I can’t wait to share our experience with you! I have been cloth diapering for over 3.5 years now and we have tried many different brands, styles and designs. From cloth diapers for newborns to one-sized, all-in-ones (AIO), covers and pockets…I’m always discovering something new and exciting to try! Blueberry Cloth Diapers are definitely something you should see.

If you aren’t familiar with Blueberry Cloth Diapers, I hope you feel familiarized after our review. They are well known for their great selection of prints, design and generous absorbency. Here, I’m featuring the One Size Deluxe Pocket Diaper with Organic Cotton. This diaper offers the best of both worlds: Organic natural fiber absorbency plus stay dry lining. It comes with great absorbency, a really fun print my baby adores and a super soft lining. Take a look at our sample diaper below and find these diapers at one of the best diaper shops out there and my affiliate Diaper Junction!

blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper

Blueberry diapers, also known for Swaddlebees, are well known for their prints and quality. The Blueberry One-Size Pocket Diaper with Organic Cotton Inserts seen here is in an adjustable size design and comes in a huge range of prints. The printed portion is an outer waterproof shell. It has a super soft microfleece lining that creates a generously sized pocket that even my husband can easily stuff. It comes with a generous amount of absorbency in organic cotton inserts.

When most diaper companies say inserts…I don’t think that description quite applies to these Blueberry soakers. They are extra long and can be folded to provide absorbency just where baby needs it. In addition, you can use one or two soakers, small and large, based on need and length of time diaper is worn. These inserts together make a great car-ride diaper, providing the absorbency of natural fibers plus the stay dry feel from the polyester microfleece lining. Take a look below:

blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper


blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper
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blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper


blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper
blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper


blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper

Blueberry Pocket Diaper Features include:

  • Two Organic Cotton Inserts; Small and Large
  • Soft Microfleece Lining
  • One-Size Pocket Diaper
  • Fits most babies 10-35 pounds
  • Double Row of 8 Angled Waist Snaps
  • Two Rows of 3 Rise Snaps
  • Attractive & Large Selection of Prints
  • Generous Sizing and Easy to Stuff
  • Large Pocket Opening For Struggle-Free Stuffing
  • Machine washable
blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper
blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper


blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper


blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper


blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper

Overall impression. The blueberry pocket diaper is a really nice, generously sized diaper. The shell is trim and very soft, moldable and floppy even new. I know it has to be comfortable for my baby. While the sizing says 10-35 pounds, as a Mom to 4 – 9lb babies, I would definitely recommend the Newborn Diapers to use until baby fits into this One-Size. I found that the newborn diapers were essential even with larger sized newborns and a must have for stash needs. With a nicely sized diaper like this, I wouldn’t hesitate to have newborn sizes ready too! Blueberry makes a Newborn diaper, trainers, covers, inserts, swim diapers, wetbags and totes!
My baby here is about 25 pounds of EBF love and we have lots of room to grow! The cut around his legs seems to be made for his thigh girth and he moves comfortably. While some of our other brand pocket diapers have a narrow pocket opening even for my hand, not Blueberry! My husband can even easily stuff this diaper with his paw. In addition the the wide oppening, the soft microfleece lining is really great next to baby’s skin and provides a stay dry layer between the inserts and baby.

When I opened this diaper I was very impressed with the small and large inserts. They have a plaid pattern in the fibers and a natural color with serged edges. The large is the length of my arm! While I do own some snake-style soakers, they don’t compare to this. I would say our other snake soakers are garden snakes and I would call this a Python. As you can see in the photo, there is a very generous amount of absorbency with this diaper. The inserts in this photo are new, after washing they did shorten and curl/twist quite a bit.

While this fits my 25lb baby well, the inserts are wider then say our Funky Fluff diapers and this diaper is not particularly narrow in the groin. I would say the inserts are a similar width to our Bum Genuis, and do need to be prepped for maximum absorbency (like all natural fiber diapers). At just under $26 these diapers pack a lot of absorbency for the value and you can browse their selection of prints to find the perfect one for you!

While previously made in the USA Cloth Diapers, recently Blueberry Diapers announced moving production to a facility in Mexico. An e-mail went out to fans explaining the long process and decision to move production and demonstrate transparency in their company’s processes and policies. I did have the opportunity to visit their stand recently at a MommyCon convention and this diaper and the product there looked great!

blueberry cloth diaper review blueberry pocket diaper
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