My Black Friday Purchases

So, at first I planned on not buying anything on Black Friday. Then I thought…maybe I should stock up on Applecheeks size 3 diapers for my older cloth diapered child. Then, I saw some other deals and there are a few things on the way! Here are my Black Friday purchases. With Christmas and December birthdays I needed gifts anyway…right?! Here’s what I bought: (post contains affiliate links)


  1. 6  – Applecheeks size 3 diapers from Nicki’s Diapers 15% off
  2. 2 – Pair “seconds” Project Pomona pants at nearly half off!
  3. 2 – John Deere t-shirts and one hoodie from Amazon (20% off)
  4. 1 – Giant dog bed that I went to the BonTon to purchase. She loves it and I’m so happy!
  5.  2 – GeoSmart Magnetic Construction Toys that were 20% off on Amazon!
  6.  0 – I tried so hard to buy a fitted diaper from HumBird but the bigger sizes went so fast! I’m keeping watch on the shop! Her wool diaper covers are fantastic and my baby sleeps in one every night!

     Not too bad? While I planned on maybe purchasing the diapers, I added a few more things! Still shopping? Check out my Holiday Gift Guide for some ideas. Will hubby be mad? No, but I do like to consider his input when making purchases because we work as a family. I did however think that this is funny! What did you buy?


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