Best eco-friendly disposable diapers

     I love our cloth diapers, but if I have to use a throw away I want it to be an eco-friendly disposable diaper. I don’t keep disposables in our home because Hubby and Grandma will search for, and use up, every disposable in the house…before they’ll use the adorable, pre-stuffed and prepared cloth diapers I have in our baby’s room. I’ve been trying to convert them for over two years without luck. However, there have been a few times when I’ve had to purchase disposable diapers and I search for the most eco-friendly, sensitive, disposable diapers I can find. Here are a few brands available. Post contains affiliate links.

     Coconut oil wasn’t working it’s usual no-rash ever magic. I called our pediatrician and was shocked to learn that baby Immodium doesn’t exist. She also told me that this bug could last 8-10 days and recommended heavy butt cream, baby cereal because of its likelihood to cause constipation, baking soda for soaks and bananas.

     I had to run to the closest supermarket for supplies. I literally did not have one tube of butt cream or a disposable in sight and this rash was beyond diaper liners. I stood in the “baby” aisle baffled. With highly processed baby cereal, which I completely skipped with all of my children, and a few jars of banana baby food in my cart I stood starting at the disposable diapers. There were two choices of diaper brands, and two choices of butt cream…both the same brand. 
     Huggies or Pampers, Huggies or Pampers. Neither looked less full of chemicals, both were expensive. Where were the eco-friendly disposable diapers? All I kept thinking was “I could have bought a hybrid fitted for what this throw away box cost” and oh, “what a beautiful fitted I could have purchased.”

     I selected Pampers Cruisers because I remembered using those with my first son, whom I highly regret not cloth diapering. Onto the butt cream. Desitin Regular or Maximum strength. The difference seemed to be the amount of zinc. I put the maximum strength in my cart and headed to the register. $53 in supplies. I had zero coupons and was caught completely off guard with this purchase. Oh what a nice fitted that would have been…maybe even two! I couldn’t stop thinking…I am literally throwing money away. 

      I drove back home with our supplies and covered my little man’s bum in what was definitely way too much white cream, the type that would completely ruin a cloth diaper, all over his bum…front and back…until it was nearly sticking out of the legs of his diaper. Regular soap wouldn’t wash it off of my hands and I had to use dish detergent, could it be petroleum based? The desitin smelled horrible and I’m glad this was our first time using it; Cloth has kept my boys completely rash free, and it was disposables that created a rash in the past.

     In addition to the cream, he had several baking soda bath soaks per our pediatrician’s recommendation and used the butt cream and disposables until his stomach issues went away. When it was all over I was excited to move back into our cloth. I know he was too, he seemed amused with how crinkly the cloth diapers were, but loves picking out the color and print of his cloth and wears them proudly.

     What did I learn from all of this? It doesn’t hurt to have a pack of well-hidden less toxic disposable diapers and cream at home. It’s a good idea to survey local stores and remember which ones carry a brand you would use in case of diaper emergency. If I had stocked up at another time, called ahead to find out what brands they carried or driven to another store, I could have had products I felt more comfortable using. I already have an emergency tube of cream from a brand I prefer, but will have to travel or order online for better brands of disposables. What brands produce more eco-friendly disposable diapers? I’ve found these available from my favorite online shop and affiliate; Amazon. I haven’t used them, but would consider their purchase first based on company claims and wouldn’t feel as terrible putting these on my children as I did the Pampers I purchased.

  • Earth’s Best
    • Hypoallergenic, chlorine free, latex free, dye free, fragrance free
    • Made with natural absorbant material such as corn and wheat -annually renewable resources that reduce the use of petro chemicals
    • Comfortable, secure fit – soft and stretchy refastenable panels prevents leakage
  • Seventh Generation
    • 0% Bleaching Chemicals. High capacity unbleached core provides premium leak protection without bleaching chemicals.
    • Made without whitening or chemical bleaching
    • Clinically proven to be gentle on baby’s skin
    • Free of petroleum based lotions, latex of synthetic fragrances
  • Naty Baby Care 
    • Made from natural and renewable materials. Naturally breathable
    • Chlorine and fragrance-free
    • Made from GMO-free corn based film
    • Made with totally chlorine free pulp in diaper core, prevents dioxins from forming

  • Babyganics 
    • No chlorine, petroleum based lotions, or latex
    • 100% natural NeoNourish seed oil blend for baby’s skin
    • Created with “most natural and renewable plant based ingredients”
    • Wetness indicator, premium fit and absorbency

     With that being said, I used Pampers sensitive, Huggies and some overnight disposables with my first son. At the time I thought they were the best options and truly believed I was buying the best products. I now wish I had used cloth with him too, but am happy to have them for my second, third and soon to be fourth sons. While I hope you are not disposable shopping due to a rash, I do hope that this has given you some food for thought about disposables and the possibility or having to purchase something out of the ordinary for your family.
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I've been looking gDiapers for something to use occasionally if traveling. I am not expecting yet but I've been looking more at diapering to prepare myself. Wow is all I can say. gDiapers have either disposable or cloth liners so that appealed to me.


I've been looking gDiapers for something to use occasionally if traveling. I am not expecting yet but I've been looking more at diapering to prepare myself. Wow is all I can say. gDiapers have either disposable or cloth liners so that appealed to me.