The Best Beauty Box Subscriptions

The Best Beauty Box Subscriptions

Who has the time to go shopping for beauty products? It wasn’t until I realized my blush was nearly 6 years old that it hit me: I was really in a makeup crisis. While I love buying and using face washes, creams and serums, my makeup was in dire need of an update. However, as a busy Mom to 4 boys, getting out to actually shop for products is nearly impossible. I turned to beauty box subscriptions!

I have been ordering and testing out beauty box subscriptions to share my results with you. These companies take a complete profile and send out surprise items every month. The items are way over the cost of the box and sometimes the value is shocking. One of the boxes I paid nearly $20 for arrived with over $134 in products! Take a look at what I’ve been ordering. This is an ongoing project and I will continue to add to the best beauty box subscriptions.

the best beauty box subscriptions

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     I selected the best beauty box subscriptions based on a few criteria. They had to be reasonably priced, create a beauty profile to customize picks and have a much higher value compared to subscription price. I looked at many boxes, reviews and input from beauty lovers. Here are the boxes I selected and what’s inside!

     I didn’t go into this blind. I asked friend and family opinions about the best beauty box subscriptions to order. I set out and ordered 3 month subscriptions to really get a sample of what these beauty box subscriptions contain. With every brand, the first month was a little bumpy and it seems like it took a full cycle to really get my profile set and items customized. I have to say that this has been so much fun. Just so much fun! The items I get are great, I love getting a surprise in the mail and honestly I couldn’t have picked out better items on my own. Have a look at the boxes I choose below:


    One of the first boxes I ordered was GLOSSYBOX. I loved the idea of getting full-size products, as opposed to samples like some of the other subscriptions, and the cost was pretty great. For under $60, I purchased 3 months of this subscription with shipping included. One of my favorite things about GLOSSYBOX is the packaging. The products arrive in this pretty pink box, a ribbon and large pamphlet with details about everything inside.

  • Full size beauty items
  • Sent monthly, 12 times a year
  • Better price if you buy several months at once
  • GLOSSYBOX promos
    • Changes monthly, see banner below.
  • Option to buy special boxes
  • See what I received below:



GlossyBox month 1 below



GlossyBox month 2 below



     I was referred to IPSY Glam Bag by several friends. For $10, why not…right? After subscribing, I learned that I was on a “wait list.” Marketing tactic? Who knows. BUT I did get off of the list by sending an e-mail to the company and they do offer to increase your odds with social shares. This bag has not disappointed. It comes in a fuchsia bubble envelope and while not packaged in a box like some of the others, it does have a small makeup bag with each month! In one month, I received some makeup samples that I must need a compact for. They are held together in a metal mold but don’t have any sort of holder. See below:

 Take a look at what I received below:

ipsy beauty bag

ipsy beauty bag

Month 1 below, month 2 above. Visit the IPSY site for details.

ipsy beauty bag


     I subscribed to BIRCHBOX beauty subscription from a friend and beauty guru’s recommendation. I will admit that the first box was disappointing. Out of 5 samples, 3 of them didn’t match my profile at all. The BB cream they sent was several shades too dark, there was blow-dry spray even though I selected air dry (I really only use my hair dryer to heat the bathroom) and the other was a face oil when I selected that I have acne prone skin. I contacted BIRCHBOX  and they sent me their curator’s box to make up for it! Great customer service, super fast.

  • 4-5 Sample sizes
  • Monthly subsctiption, 12x a year
  • Women’s & Men’s boxes
  • Box add ons that ship free with box
  • Optional special boxes with great picks
  • Subscribe to BIRCHBOX

     The next month’s box was awesome. I was able to pick one of my samples and the rest fit me perfectly.


     FABFITFUN was referred to me by my SIL! She’s the queen of beauty finds and loves this box so I’ve taken the plunge! I have not received my box yet, but I’m looking forward to this quarterly subscription. Priced higher then the other boxes at $50, you can get $10 off with FABFITFUN promo code FLOWERS10 to bring this box down to $40 for over $200 worth of goodies.

  • Quarterly box sent out 4x a year
  • Full-size items
  • $50 for over $200 worth of goodies
  • Fashion finds, fab fit gear, beauty

Fall Fab Fit Fun Box Below

fab fit fun fall 2017 promo code

fab fit fun promo code

Summer box above, Spring box below

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3 years ago

Fabulous reviews! You can’t beat the value of Ipsy and I’ve discovered so many brands through them!

Ashley Messics
Ashley Messics
3 years ago

Great reviews on beauty boxes! I’ve wanted to try them for a long time, but wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money every month.

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