Benefits to Networking with Other Bloggers; How To’s, Why’s, Pro’s and Cons.

     Blogging can feel like a lonely place. Bloggers are typically working from home, and often putting personal material out there for the world to see. It can be helpful to find other bloggers in your niche, to ban together, provide support and share progress. You may wonder how another blogger has so many giveaways, how to increase your own traffic and post views, get in contact with companies for product reviews and promotions, and coordinate for big events like blog hops and multi-vendor/high value giveaways. Wondering how other bloggers do it? A strong network is a great way to ensure success.

     How do you find places to network with other bloggers? Social media is an excellent resource for networking, especially facebook. There are facebook blogger groups for sharing content, getting feedback, retweeting tweets and even joining in others’ giveaways in exchange for a spot in the giveaway tool.Connecting on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and even joining each other’s circles on Google+ is a great way to network.
      Another great way to network is to lend an often reciprocated helping hand to another blogger by joining a giveaway. Product reviews and giveaways take a lot of time and effort if done well. Sure you can throw together a zero or one photo low quality post, but to produce high quality work and promotion takes time and effort. Getting to know bloggers in your niche to help promote your articles, as well as joining in on their review and giveaway articles will allow you to run multiple giveaways at one time, will increase your traffic and help increase your fan base…while still putting out quality work.
     So how do you make networking work for you? First, clearly identify what you want to get from networking. Set a few goals, and make rules and guidelines to follow. In addition to reaching towards your goals, know that reciprocation is important. Have a blogger who always wants comments, help and shares for their content but rarely gives out any? That may be a relationship to decrease focus on, and work with bloggers who will give as much as they get. These are often the most successful and respected bloggers. Here are some tips:

  • Follow Back. If another blogger follows you, follow back. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you get followed by someone it’s only polite to return the favor. 
  • Like for like. If another blogger stops by and ‘likes’ your content, make sure to like back. This goes for comments, shares, retweets and other exposure. When someone ‘likes’ your post on Facebook, Instagram, Retweets or other media it shows up to their followers and is giving your content exposure. Don’t leave them out in the cold!!
  • Follow through. Follow through on your word, commitments and communicate often. Trading cohost spots for giveaways? Joining a group giveaway? Make sure to be in contact and communicate well, stiffing another blogger can leave you out in the cold down the road, if you can’t keep up with your commitment be in contact and respectful.
  • Promotion Love. If someone signs up for your promotions, make sure to help them out too. Sure, we all know that giving away a small value prize may not bring a lot of traffic, lend a helping blog because we have all been there and if someone with 10,000 followers shares your content and you have 2,000 followers then I highly suggest giving back more then you get. 
  • Maintain Professionalism. While we all develop blogging relationships and share personal details with each other, try to keep your crazy in. Everyone has some crazy, and while talking about children and blog work may be helpful, make sure you know the other blogger well before you open the flood gates and start talking about your kinky sex life or hemorrhoids.
  • Join Networking Groups. Joining networking groups and participating will help you get to know other bloggers, and get your content shared in share-for share platforms. I’m including a few reputable groups here, keep in mind they have a strict “No Spam” policy so if you’re selling those infuriating weight loss wraps or mascara you will probably be banned. 

     While there are many Pro’s to networking with other bloggers you may run into some Cons. There is the occasional blogger who is self-serving and looking for the unsuspecting to take advantage of. Leach off of your hard work and content, and provide little or nothing in return. This is one reason building strong relationships is so valuable. If you find a good blogging connection keep it! Don’t burn bridges, and while you may occasionally be exposed to an unprofessional blogger…keep in mind that if they have burned you…they have burned others…and while you’re building your network theirs is dwindling.

     I hope these tips have helped you! If you have anything to add feel free to comment below or message me, I’m always adding, reworking and updating articles. Make sure to ready my Tips for Work at Home Moms (WAHMs) to get your social media accounts working for you!
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