bbluv Suni Anti-UV Sun and Play Tent

     My family loves visiting the beach! We could spend hours there, playing in the sand and water. However, I struggle with finding ways to limit sun exposure. I want some shade for my children, but don’t want to lug tons of equipment down to the beach. In addition to sunshine at the beach, we also enjoy playing outside in our yard. Using small pools and sprinklers, we have our own water park outdoors. Even at home, protecting my children from UV rays is important to me. I want them to have good skin health throughout their lives, and that starts early.
     Last time we were at the beach, I watched a family lug down a 10 x 10 pop-up tent. It looked difficult to setup and I worried that the wind would carry it and cause injury. Taking 4 children down to the beach, plus our gear I need something both light and safe. I’m thrilled to share these sun tents with you. They pop up and fold down quickly and are very lightweight. In addition, as you can see from my affilite, each bbluv Anti-UV Suni tent comes with it’s own set of pegs and carrying case. It protects kids from UVA and UVB rays 50+, wind and sand. 

     I have been shopping online for sun tents for a few weeks. We have a beach umbrella, but it doesn’t quite cover everyone and really just fits 2 adults well. In  addition, the kids like to play in the sand and need their own space closer to the ground. I’m really excited to show you this bbluv Suni Anti-UV sun tent. While I haven’t tested the tent out shore-side, we have used them at home in our yard. They’re easy to set up and extremely light weight, my kids think it’s really fun and love sitting in them. It can easily fit one baby, fit my toddler and baby if seated or one larger child. It springs open and requires a fold and a twist to close. Have a look at our sample below:

     Overall impression. I love the little bbluv Suni Anti-UV tents. It pops open with a spring, the kids have a blast and I find it easy to fold. When I was looking at the product on Amazon, I saw a few reviews mentioning that they were unable to fold the tent back up. I expected to have difficulty…but I don’t have any. Check out the youtube video below, it’s really easy. You fold one side down and then twist a little and it goes back into shape. They do need the pegs in the wind, ours did take off when I thought I could skip staking it down. It’s easy to clean and comes with vents. There is an open flap in the back and two lower vents that
let sunlight and air in from the side. The shadow it casts when positioned properly gives bigger kids enough room to stick their toes in the sand and stretch their legs out, while having their upper body and torso in the tent. Reasonably priced for the technology and ease!

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