Baltic Essentials Review

Baltic Essentials Review

Baltic Essentials makes products using Baltic Amber, hazelwood and other therapeutic stones to make jewelry for babies through adults. They sell baltic amber teething necklaces which are very popular for babies and toddlers. I searched for a long time for a baltic essentials coupon and am glad to see that they offer them frequently and have great prices on Amazon! Take a look at our samples and read about our experience wearing Baltic Essentials.

baltic essentials review

Disclosure: I received products to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own.

When I first heard about baltic amber, I was sceptical. While I generally believe in mixed-medicine, I’ll take a tylenol or ibuprofen if I need to but I will try something like hydrating and arnica cream first, I am slow to believe the claims that Baltic Amber releives pain.

Why do people believe this about Baltic Amber? Baltic amber is fossilized tree resin and it “contains succinate acid which is used for red cheeks, drooling, fever, common colds, and any inflammatory related illnesses.” (1) The amber actually releases some of the compound when it is warmed by your skin. (3)

Can amber really relieve pain including teething pain? I will try most things once and I decided that it certainly couldn’t hurt. If the necklaces don’t work…they’re very attractive and even if I’m not someone who feels therapeutic benefits…it’s still a beautiful necklace. Why not try?

Psychological benefits

I remember in psychology courses reading about the “placebo effect.” When medical companies research drugs, they find that some of the group given a fake pill has benefits similar to those receiving the real pill. (2) It’s the power of the mind! If your brain really believes something it may actually work. If you believe a necklace will relieve your pain it just might! That’s awesome, right?

Baltic Amber for my son

I wanted to try Baltic Amber with my son. He has a condition called Ollier’s Disease and had a large bone tumor that has deformed his thigh bone. Even though he can’t always express his discomfort, I know he’s in pain. He will become miserable and be unable to put weight on his leg. In addition, the other leg often gets sore from using it too much.

We received his necklace and started wearing it right away. Did it work? It’s hard to say. Shortly after we found that he needed to go for another surgery right away, the biggest yet! He had an external fixator on his thigh and they surgically broke and straightened the bone. It’s been a rough few weeks! Even if the necklace isn’t working some sort of amber magic, I feel better putting it on him. I feel better, he feels better and we all feel like we’re doing everything we can!

Plus, it’s such a handsome necklace! Take a look below:

baltic essentials review

Baltic Essentials Necklace for Adults

I decided to try out a necklace to target depression and sadness. With all of the stress that goes along with parenting plus the sadness I feel about my son’s bone tumor, I thought…it can’t hurt. Plus, it’s absolutely beautiful! The depression/sadness necklace is made from a mix that includes: rose quartz, red agate, orange aventurine, Baltic amber honey, green Chrysocolla, turquoise, blue lapis lazuli, and purple amethyst. It’s beautiful to look at and I love wearing it!

(Pinterest graphic below)

baltic essentials review

(Trying to take a selfie with my DSLR below…)

baltic essentials review

How do these necklaces stay together?

This was one of my biggest questions! The Baltic essentials necklaces are continuous. You really have to search to find the hidden clasp and I love that it looks beautiful any way it turns! If you look closely, two of the beads have a threaded part that works like a screw. My 5-year-old can put his own necklace on and I can with ease and I love that the necklace doesn’t have a very visable clasp. See the clasp below.

baltic essentials review

About Baltic Essentials

Baltic Essentials was started by a husband and wife team. They searched for a natural solution for their daughter’s teething misery and found Raw-Multi Baltic Amber! They searched for the perfect stones and found a family in Lithuania to provide an authentic Baltic Amber mix. The same mix in the photos above that my son wears! They expanded their necklace line into therapeutic necklaces for their own needs and continue to get real Baltic Amber from the source in Lithuania that provided the beads in their very first necklace for their daughter!

Authenticity is important to the Baltic Essentials family and they do not use or promote fake beads that can be made from plastic. These plastic beads may look like the real deal but lack the therapeutic benefits they have found from real Baltic Amber, Hazelwood and semiprecious stones.

Where to buy Baltic Essentials

From my affiliate at the Baltic Essentials Amazon store here.

Overall opinion – Would I recommend these?

I would! In addition to being really attractive, there are many people who believe strongly in the therapeutic benefits of Baltic Amber and the other stones seen here! I am a believer in old medicine and tried and true methods. If you’re sceptical and worry they won’t help, my go-to belief is that at least they won’t hurt…and the possibility is there for them to help…so why not try?

Do you love Baltic Essentials? I look forward to hearing from you below!



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This post does not make any attempt to diagnose or treat any condition. Please refer to your MD for medical treatment.




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Anne Marie
Anne Marie
2 years ago

You definitely answered some of the questions I had about amber. And I love that multi-colored strand; never seen one like that before!

Glenda Cates
2 years ago

I will have to try out both of the necklaces as I suffer from joint pain and my husband says its Arthritis which it could be and I also suffer from Depression and if this can help me then I am open to trying it. As I hate not being able to do things for my family.

Sarah Bailey
2 years ago

What some absolutely gorgeous necklaces, I’ve heard a lot about amber before but never really thought about wearing one myself. I now really want one though these look beautiful and I love that they have a hidden catch.

Kelly Reci
2 years ago

Love all the benefits these necklaces have health-wise. I also love all the different colors they can come in!

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