The Real Reason Your Breath Smells Bad Breath Remedies

Is bad breath a concern of yours? Even after brushing your teeth and using products like mouth wash, gum and other bad breath remedies? Here’s why: Your teeth are not always the culprit of bad breath and often the source is deep within your tongue. While many attempts at a non-stinky mouth only temporarily solve the problem, you need to go straight to the source.

This morning my husband woke up to go to work, he leaned over to kiss me on my mouth and I made sure to keep my lips closely together. Why? Throughout the day my diet isn’t always ideal. Okay, it’s rarely ideal. My breath seems to follow. I’m thrilled and hopeful to be testing out the Tung brush, original tongue cleaner, and share the product with you in this sponsored post.

bad breath remedies

     I can’t remember who originally told me to brush my tongue, but I started brushing it years ago. After I brush my teeth I finish up by brushing my tongue. However, I recently learned that this is bad practice. The brush I use on my teeth shouldn’t also be used on my tongue because it can transfer bacteria and toothpaste is for polishing teeth, not cleaning tongues. Did you know that 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria living around the bumps of your tongue? Don’t try useless bad breath remedies, go straight to the source!

       There’s a special tongue brush, the Tung Brush, made in America and designed by a dentist specially designed to clean your tongue! It has a minty gel made with zinc that removes the bad odor caused by sulfur gases released by the germs on your tongue. Tongue scrapers and similar bad breath remedies aren’t as effective because they don’t clean between and around your tongue bumps, they simply scrape and flatten. The Tung Brush makes my tongue feel fluffed, like the fibers of a carpet after using the vacuum -and- my tongue has never looked or tasted better! I start by wetting the brush, adding gel and brushing from back to front.




Above photo credit Tung Brush


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          The Tung Brush has been designed to eliminate gagging, but to be honest it took me a few tries to not gag. It’s key to brush the back of your tongue and this was tricky for me at first, but I’m determined! I was pleasantly surprised by the minty flavor because when I read zinc, I thought the cleaner would be pasty and white. It tastes great and reminds me of the dentist’s office! I even have my husband testing this out and passed one to Grandma who after several appointments at the dentist, can’t find the source of her breath concerns. Where can you find yours? My favorite place to shop and affiliate at Amazon! The tung brush starter pack is under $10 and you can get two for under $20!

Please make sure to “Like” Tung Brush on facebook and visit their website for full details and information on how to have a healthy tongue. As always, thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and it contains a few affiliate links. This post makes no attempt to diagnose, recommend medical treatment or replace the advice of your dentist or physician.

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Alison Muriah
4 years ago

Interesting. I would have never thought my tongue would need it’s own toothbrush.

4 years ago

This makes a lot of sense. I figured out a while ago that bad odor had to be coming from the tongue, since my teeth were freshly cleaned. Clever that this dentist thought up a proper solution.

4 years ago

I always find the most thought-provoking reviews on your site! It’s definitely news to me that you should use a separate brush for your tongue. I’m checking out their site and Facebook page right now.

4 years ago

I always brush my tongue, but I never knew I should use a separate brush. The zinc in the tooth(tongue?)paste makes total sense to me as it’s antibacterial, and that’s what’s stinky in there. :-O

4 years ago

I knew about brushing your tongue but never knew about not using the same toothbrush for both the teeth and tongue. Thanks for the info!

Lucy Mills
4 years ago

This is interesting, I did not realize that brushing your tongue needed a separate cleaner. Thank you for the information and the great review! Looking more into this company!

4 years ago

Who knew! Sound like a great product though, if I can get past the gagging!


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Mary McKeever
Mary McKeever
4 years ago

Huh. I found this to be interesting but slightly weird. I didn’t know about the bacteria though. Hm.

4 years ago

Thanks, great info!

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