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Are Big Corporations Pushing Reusable Menstrual Pad Makers Out of Business?

     Important legislation that will charge Work At Home Moms big bucks to produce and sell reusable menstrual pads, commonly known as Mama Cloth, soon. Please take action and sign the included petition to encourage congress to stop this. Are big companies trying to push WAHMs out of business by proposing that reusable menstrual pads are a “medical device”….what’s next….cloth diapers?! This is not a sponsored post.

     If you are going green, the chances are you have seen or read information about reusable menstrual pads. Many of these pads are manufactured by work at home Moms (WAHM) who sell hand made items in etsy shops or hyena carts. Benefits to these items include reducing waste, saving money and limiting chemicals often found in disposable feminine products.
     Recently, a petition was developed to eliminate the high cost to these shops. The classification of reusable menstural pads as a ‘medical device’ means WAHMs must pay a tarrif for 2015 is $3,646 by January 1st and estimated to be $3,872 for 2016. (1, 2). These high fees may eliminate a WAHM’s ability to stay in business and ultimately reduce the amount of small shops able to produce and sell these items.
     A petition to eliminate or lower (should be eliminate if you ask me!) FDA Regulation #884.5435 and needs 100,000 signatures by January 15, 2015. As of right now, they are 98, 779 short of this goal. With only a few more weeks to go this petition needs your attention! Please visit the page, add your name, and make sure to pass this on!! (1).

     As always thank you for stopping by! I appreciate a follow on my social media accounts (companies care about those numbers when deciding if they should select my blog for a project). Screenshot above is taken from the referenced website located below and linked through the photo.
1. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/lower-or-eliminate-registration-fee-makers-reusable-menstrual-products/WPPWMmZ0
2.  http://www.business2community.com/health-wellness/fda-classifies-reusable-menstrual-pads-as-medical-devices-wahms-respond-01089627


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