AppleCheeks One Size Review

AppleCheeks one size review (OS)

The AppleCheeks OS cloth diaper hit the market wish a splash! Previously, AppleCheeks was well known and loved for their sized diapers. They are available in sizes one, two and three and fit a wide range of babies.

However, while loved, the sized diapers lack the rise snaps that one-size diaper fans adore. To fit that market, AppleCheeks released their OS! This one size diaper comes as an addition to their current line is available in many solids, prints and retailers. Take a look at our review sample and see lots of photos of this wonderful OS diaper!

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

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I was really excited to see the release of the AppleCheeks one size cloth diaper. I already owned a size two shell and multiple AppleCheeks size 3 diapers for my older toddler. While I love the size 2, there were times where a rise snap would have made the fit just a tad better. I was excited to get this review sample in the mail and test it out on my baby! Here are the details.

AppleCheeks one size features include:

  • One-Size pocket diaper
  • Envelope opening
  • Two rows of rise snaps
  • Eight waist snaps
  • Stretch elastic in both front and back of diaper
    • AC is well known for this design
    • Sometimes called ruffle diapers
  • Comes with insert options
    • Can be purchased insert-free
    • Microterry Little Bundle
      • Microterry one size insert
    • Bamboo Little bundle (seen here)
      • 2 ply Rayon from bamboo/Organic cotton insert
      • 6 ply in pad fold
      • approximately 12 x 15
      • super absorbent & soft
  • Microfleece lining (white part, makes up pocket)
  • PUL waterproof outer layer (colored part)
  • Made in Canada
  • Fits approximately 6-35 lbs
  • Gets super tiny with fantabulous leg openings
    • Should be great for newborns!

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

Overall fit and design

You can see the AppleCheeks one size on the only diaper model I have who holds still for photos! As you can see, the diaper isn’t in it’s smallest setting even on this doll with no insert inside. Yes, if I were expecting a newborn I’d have these on order!

Below you can see the diaper, with insert inside, on my 33lb chunky thigh baby. He is on the very last snap and maxing out the size of the OS. If you have size 2 diapers, as you can see in the photo below this is actually a little smaller then a size 2 in it’s largest size option. Personally, I hoped this would reach over the size 2 and fill the gap between 2 and 3 but maybe that project will be their next design!


The main thing I don’t love, and you’re like…what’s not to love??, about AppleCheeks OS cloth diaper is that the envelope opening is near the back of the diaper…right where baby poops. I dislike cleaning poop off of this opening, but luckily we’re down to once or twice a day! The benefit of this opening is that it’s very generous, easy to stuff and the inserts can agitate out in the wash. I remove them ahead of time, because my washer is for the birds, but many people enjoy this feature and can literally toss the whole diaper in!

This diaper is at the end of it’s fit on my 33lb baby and has a low rise in the front. I wish I had these when he was born because I’m sure they would have fit him from birth!

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS

AppleCheeks one size compared to AppleCheeks size 2

The AppleCheeks one size is slightly smaller then the size 2. I had to really take a look at this to notice the difference and you can see a good comparison of the one size between the size 1 and size 2 from Anne at Zephyr Hill Blog. In her review, you can see that this size fits between the size 1 and the size 2 from the AppleCheeks lineup.

Where can you shop for the AppleCheeks OS cloth diaper?

Affiliate links below

Nicki’s Diapers (free shipping USA)

Diaper Junction (USA)

Lagoon Baby (Canada)

applecheeks one size review applecheeks OS


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3 years ago

It’s so interesting to see how the different sizes fit on different children. Although OS it doesn’t fill the gap between 2 and 3, like you said, with all the AppleCheeks options now, you’re bound to find the right fit.

3 years ago

This little looks like a nice diaper. I know the Apple cheeks are supposed to fit a range even with their sized diapers, but I think adding rise snaps adds even more sizing flexibility.

Linda Manns Linneman
Linda Manns Linneman
3 years ago

These sound so nice. They are so cute also. I will have to check these out for my nieces little one. Thank you so much for sharing

Amber Ludwig
Amber Ludwig
3 years ago

Wow!! I LOVE all the sizes!! Wowza!! Talk about versatility!! Plus Applecheeks are seriously so adorable!!

Sandra Watts
3 years ago

Awesome colorful diaper. Love that they are adjustable.

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