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Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m Jeanette, a 30-someting Mom doing my best! I am a primarily a stay-at home Mom (SAHM) to 4 beautiful little boys and our oldest is 7! My sons are very active, imaginative boys and I am very busy and love being their Mom. It was one day that I was making pancakes, and my 4 year old said “Hey Mom, I can’t hang from this” and I turned around to see him innocently hanging from the light fixture over the dining room table with both arms. After taking him off of the table, shutting off the power to the house, and hubby fixing the fixture…I looked at him and said “You’re bananas!!!” I then thought, if my kids are bananas then I suppose I’m Mama Banana.

In addition to being a full-time Mom, I left my pay job as an Occupational Therapist working in a facility to pursue my family life, writing here at Mama Banana’s Adventures and The Green Vagina! I work on an as-needed basis so I can care for my brood (cluck cluck cluck). I often miss spending time with other adults, but wouldn’t trade the finger painting and stepping on LEGOs for anything…but I do wear shoes in the house because…ouch!

Personal experience in pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding lead me to start this website:

When I was expecting my first son, I listened to others and my OB who warned that I may have a “big baby”. This terrified me and I agree to go for an induction. I heavily regret this decision because like many Moms, I wound up with a c-section. For a long time I believed this was the worst experience of my life (I later read that a woman is 75% more likely to wind up with a c-section with an induction). My son and I started out great with breastfeeding despite my surgery. This was until our pediatrician ordered formula in the hospital for his biliruben level and 24 hours a day under lights. Our breastfeeding relationship went downhill from there. I was devastated. Not only did my birth plan fail, but I also was unable to breastfeed my baby well.

We were discharged home almost 5 days later; I sat wounded from my long labor and surgery, cracked and bleeding nipples from terrible nursing advice, totally sleep deprived, in cold/hot sweats for hours every day and cried for what I believe 6 weeks straight. I felt I had completely failed as a Mom.

I found hope and solace in the local La Leche League and over 7 years of nursing and 3- 9+ lb baby VBAC’s later I’m tandem nursing my 4rd baby and his older brother! There are few things more supportive then other breastfeeding Moms and if you need support, I highly recommend finding your local group in person or online! No one can relate to my experiences like other Moms and finding another Mom for support can be an amazing experience, I highly recommend it.


It has been a long journey! My family has tested and tried many different methods, products and routines..even the dog and the cat! If I can save another parent time, stress and aggravation then my goal has been accomplished! I am a co-sleeping, tandem nursing, organic garden growing, coffee drinking, babywearing Mama who can be seen pushing a shopping cart teaching my 6 year old about food, my toddler running amuck, my 5 year old driving his wheelchair…while wearing my infant in a baby carrier… looking for perfect organic avocados in the supermarket. Some days it’s great, and people tell me how “well behaved” my children are. Other days everyone is yelling and we’re quite the spectacle!

I love to share the material and non-material things in this world that my family enjoys with you! We really enjoy doing product reviews and giveaways (I feel like Santa). However, I will only boast products that my family loves and ones that I would recommend to a close friend. I love love love Mom-run quality companies to support and boast (so if you know of one please share!). Thanks again and contact me with any questions at MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com


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