A Letter to My Sons; The Real Reason Prince Charming Shold Marry Cinderella

     Dear my four wonderful Sons;
     I hope your childhood is full of joy, wonder and excitement. I hope your imagination has the chance to run free and experience all there is out there for little ones like you. From time to time I know you’ll see a new movie; a cartoon full of new ideas, characters and concepts. One movie I must explain in advance is Cinderella. In this movie, Cinderella transforms from a mistreated house servant into a glamorous princess with the help of her Fairy God Mother. When Prince Charming sees her in this transformed state he is subdued and realizes that she must be his wife. He dances with her and when their night is suddenly brought to a close she runs off into the night. What Prince Charming didn’t know was that the Fairy Godmother’s spell had an expiration. Fearful that he’ll see her out of this getup, she runs off into the night when the spell begins to unravel.
     In search of Cinderella, the Prince launches a door to door campaign. He knows nothing about her except that she can tear up the dance floor, looks great in blue and fits into a glass slipper she left behind. In your lives you will meet many women who fit these criteria. You should know that these are not the reasons Prince Charming should marry Cinderella. Hair, makeup and clothes are superficial. That magic pumpkin may not pass inspection, be road worthy or fit convertible carseats in the back seats. “Things” do not make the woman, but merely dress up the body she lives in. Over time her appearance will change, her clothes may not always be so glamorous and those glass slippers have to cause blisters.

     The REAL reason Prince Charming should marry Cinderella…is because she is a genuine, well rounded person. In addition, the woman can clean! She knows how to work a scrub brush with a song and a smile. If you have a family of your own some day you’ll be set. Together you can keep a beautifully clean house. In fact, I’m sure she could show you a thing or two about getting the assistance of woodland creatures for tidying up or preparing a great meal.
     Should your kingdom fall on hard economic times…with the help of woodland creatures and rodents she can sew your family their own clothing. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month at the spa, Cinderella is generally happy with herself and her life…and quite frankly she looks good doing it. She rocks that headband.Talk about resiliency!
     Now, as a Mom there are times when I feel like a maid. Cinderella will take this in stride. She won’t complain that her ball gown doesn’t match the current trends and she certainly knows how to upcycle. Remember the part where she takes leftovers from her snotty stepsister’s outfits and transforms them into something beautiful to wear? This is a rare and special skill. She sees the beautiful in what others would call trash and these are qualities not many possess.
     Should your princess decide to have a career outside of the home as well, she will shine in her role. You won’t hear complaints about her gel nail color manicure and she certainly won’t be waiting around for anyone to do things for her. She is an independent woman who knows how to get things done and it is for these reasons that Prince Charming should marry her. The End.

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