Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Review + Giveaway

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Review

Elizabeth reviewed the Funky Fluff Newborn Lux cloth diaper with her precious newborn! Here’s what she had to say.

I had the opportunity to try out the new Funky Fluff Lux newborn diaper with my newborn. I had never heard of Funky Fluff before so I was excited to try this diaper. Funky Fluff is a small diaper business based out of Quebec Canada run by 2 couples who are trying to provide eco-friendly, safe, quality diapers.

funky fluff newborn diaper review

I tried the Funky Fluff Lux newborn diaper out on my 6lb newborn. I really liked that it has an umbilical snap that actually stays under the umbilical cord area when snapped. I have tried diapers with the umbilical cord snaps that don’t stay low to protect that area and they end up irritating the cord.  This one actually does!

Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper Lux Features:

  • Will fit from 4-12lbs
  • Slimmer design in the middle of the diaper for a trim fit
  • Double row of snaps on the wings for a separate leg and waist adjustment
  • Extra big pocket openings in the front and back
  • Hip snaps so the wings don’t droop
  • Waterproof strip at the top of the diaper to prevent leaks
  • Front of the diaper reinforced with a double layer of pul to protect the snaps and extra leak barrier
  • Can be used as an all in one, all in 2, or pocket diaper
  • Inside is lined with a soft bamboo terry material
    • 80%bamboo and 20% polyester
  • Has 2 bamboo snap in soakers- 1 small and 1 slightly larger
  • Umbilical snap
  • Comes in various prints and colors

Funky Fluff Newborn Soaker Features

  • 1 Bamboo terry small & 1 Bamboo terry large soaker set
    • (80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester)
    • Small soaker = 4 layers of bamboo terry fabric 23 x 9 cm
    • Large soaker = 5 layers of bamboo terry fabric 27 x 9 cm
  • Both soakers have a contoured shape for increased absorbency area
  • Soakers snap together and onto diaper shell at the back if desired
  • No exposed snaps on top of the insert make it very comfortable for babies
  • Double-stitched edges around soaker reinforce and extend durability
  • The soakers may also stay attached to the diaper while in the wash or come apart.

funky fluff newborn review

funky fluff newborn review

funky fluff newborn review

Fit on 6lb Newborn below

funky fluff newborn diaper review

funky fluff newborn diaper review

funky fluff newborn diaper review

Favorite features of Funky Fluff Newborn Diaper

The snap down rise setting on the front of the Funky Fluff Lux newborn diaper is great. I have a smaller newborn so I snapped it all the way down and it fit her perfectly. Plus, the diaper is big enough unsnapped that it will fit her for quite awhile. The only issue I had was even at the smallest rise setting, there was still a small leg gap. It did leak a little but as soon as she plumps up her tiny chicken legs a bit I am sure it will go away. The slim middle of the Funky Fluff Lux is a definite plus. My baby did not look like she was doing the splits when the diaper was on. It is trim enough in between the legs that it doesn’t look uncomfortable and it isn’t keeping your baby’s legs apart.

This trimness in the center is a great feature in both the Funky Fluff Lux and the Funky Fluff AWJ One-Size cloth diapers too! No baby splits here!

I really liked the softness of the bamboo terry that the Funky Fluff Lux newborn diaper is lined with. It has stayed soft with multiple washings and hasn’t stained. The diaper did come with 2 soakers made from the same material that you can snap in to use as an all in 2. You can also stuff them in the pocket and use the cover as a pocket diaper. The packaging of the diaper says that you can snap in the front and back of the soakers into the diaper and use them as an all in 1, but the soaker only has 1 set of snaps in the back and the diaper shell has no snaps on the inside front so that was a little confusing. There is no way that I saw to actually use the diaper as an all in 1. The 2 soakers it comes with together are pretty thick and have really good absorbancy, but only the smaller soaker fits into the diaper on the smallest rise setting. The larger one is too long. On a bigger rise it does fit though. The small soaker is definitely not enough especially for a newborn,  but once you graduate to a larger rise and can use both soakers, I have found that the 2 soakers are perfect. Nothing else needs to be added.

Overall Opinion

I really did like the Funky Fluff Lux newborn diaper. The inner is really soft and doesn’t irritate a newborn’s sensitive skin. It has a few rise settings so it can grow with your baby. The umbilical snap stayed low and did not drift up and irritate that area. The soakers are thick and have good absorbency. The middle/groin area is nice and trim so your baby’s legs aren’t spread apart. You just may have issues with leaking if your baby is on the smaller side due to leg gaps, but once they gain a little weight that problem will disappear. Definitely try out a Funky Fluff Lux newborn diaper! It has a ton of options to suit almost everyone.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the experienced Mom of 6! She practices natural parenting and makes one of the best handmade fitted diapers I’ve tried. Please make sure to like Elizabeth’s shop Purple Unicorn Diapers on Facebook. She handmakes clothing and fitted diapers! Join her BST group page for limited runs of fabrics and

Where you can buy the Funky Fluff Newborn 

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Kelly’s Closet (USA)

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Allie Futterer

I like the quality of the material!

Pat F

I love how the diaper can grow with the baby. I would love to try this on my new baby who we just started cloth diapering!

Christine E.

I really like that the diaper is made of 80% bamboo and seems like it will fit my newborn for a long time!

Ashley Chassereau Parks
Ashley Chassereau Parks

I love that it will fit as small as 4 pounds. I like that the inside is so soft and absorbent! So cute!!


I have one for my baby who is due in June, I’d love to have another one. I often read of babies outpeeing the newborn diapers, this one seems to have a great amount of absorbancy, I just wish you could choose the AWJ inner like the one size Funky Fluff

Ryan Jacqueline

I love the umbillical cord snap, as not every newborn diaper I’ve seen has the newborn snap down for the cord stump.


These look perfect!

A. Nelson

I love the narrow crotch fit of funky fluff, we just have one size but I’d love to try the newborn!


I like the umbilical snap down, the bamboo and that it fits smaller weight newborns.

Marie Cole

I tend to have smaller babies so I love that this diaper would fit right away and has an umbilical snap so that it could truly be used right from birth.

Marie Cole

I tend to have smaller babies so I love that this diaper would fit right away and that it has an umbilical snap so that it could truly be used right from birth.

Jeannine c

I love the umbilical snap down!

Holly Killion

As a new mom, and new to cloth diapering, it would be nice to have/use a cloth diaper that grows with your child. The material looks like great quality. For it to be a great soaker also, that is my problem right now my child is a heavy wetter and its so hard to find a diaper for him that will work.

Hollie Baker

I think this is great! Looks like it will definitely be a newborn diaper you can get a long use with.

Dawn Jones

I like the rise snaps on this diaper, it looks like it should fit a variety of baby bums.

Kristyn A

I really like the idea of the material being a bamboo terry, I’ve heard that bamboo is super soft! I also like that the diaper gives you options, such as snapping the inserts in as an AI2 or stuffing them like a pocket. It seems like a lot of thought went into these diapers!


I loved that this is lined with bamboo terry. Bamboo is my favourite for its softness.

Marie Lowther

I really like how well they fit your newborn baby so adorable, making me have baby fever even more!

Kris M.

I love the full size Funky Fluff and would like to try the nb size on my on-the-way little. I also like that it’s a Canadian owned company.


It is SO cute! Cute + function = why I love cloth diapers 🙂


I like the fact that it can be used as a AIO, AI2 or pocket diaper!