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doTerra Holiday 2017

doTerra Holiday 2017

doTerra placed a Holiday 2017 sneak peak on their facebook page in October! Since then, doTerra lovers have been eagerly awaiting their Holiday releases. What’s in store? Some really exciting oil blends, the cutest diffuser I’ve ever seen and the most fantastic assortment of gifts including truffles! Yes, I said truffles. Take a look below!

doterra holiday 2017

I love the scents of Winter Holidays! I have family members who celebrate Christmas, Hannukah and even Eid in the fall. The smells associated with Winter Holiday celebrations are exciting, comforting and one of the best things about the season! When I saw the two doTerra holiday bottles above, I nearly jumped for joy! I have 4 small children and in addition to the chemicals in candles, having open flames around is just plain stressful. I can…not…wait to get these smells diffusing!

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Here’s what they’ve told us so far.

doTerra Holiday Joy 15ml  (red label)

This blend has traditional holiday scents including Wild Orange, Nutmeg, Pine, Cassia, Cinnamon bark and Vanilla. “Fill your home with memories as you tantalize your senses with the inviting fragrances of the season…” Yes, yes I will!

doTerra Holiday Peace 15ml  (green label)

“Discover your grounding foundation in the tender tones of Holiday Peace…” aromas include Siberian fir, Douglas fir, Himalayan fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense and Vetiver.

Both doTerra holiday oil blends retail at $32.67 and all items are due to release November 1st. You can Shop my doTerra affiliate site here. 

Other doTerra Holiday 2017 products include:

Oil infused dark truffles

A touch-clutch for carrying touch oils + Beautiful touch blend!

Adorable whale diffuser

Nature-inspired Lumo diffuser with maple base

Moroccan reed diffuser

Deodorizing sachets (4 pack)

Single & Double drawer bamboo boxes (storing oils)

Mini bath-bar trio

Rose lotion benefiting the Healing Hands Foundation.

These descriptions don’t do the products justice! See the whole catalog in PDF format below and shop my doTerra site to find these and other awesome items.


Full doTerra Holiday 2017 Catalog

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