Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper

Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Review by HumBird

HumBird hybrid fitted cloth diapers are great for the summer, under a wool diaper cover, for heavy wetters and for overnight cloth diapering. Unlike a cloth diaper with a waterproof layer, hybrid fitted cloth diapers are 100% breathable. Handsewn with love in Germany, these are a great product and come in a wide range of sizes. See the diaper in detail and visit my affiliate link for purchase!

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

When I first heard of a hybrid fitted cloth diaper I was confused. Hybrid what?! There are two types of fitted cloth diapers. Regular and hybrid. Unlike a regular fitted, which is made of all absorbent layers, a hybrid has a hidden layer of windpro or fleece that helps prevent the outside from getting soaked.

HumBird hybrid fitted cloth diapers are breathable, great for heavy wetters, made of absorbent material all the way around and put the absorbency of other diapers to shame. They’re the go-to for parents with well hydrated babies, overnight cloth diapering and babies who need good air flow for skin health.

The hybrid fitted cloth diaper here is by HumBird. HumBird diapers are hand sewn, designed and created by shop owner Dawn Jesse. Handmade with love and an extreme attention to detail, these diapers originate in Germany and ship worldwide. In fact, I receive items to Pennsylvania from Germany faster than items I order from within the states. Plus, shipping is very reasonable.

HumBird Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Features Include:

  • Available in 4 sizes
    • Newborn
      • 6-12 lbs
    • Size 1
      • 7/8 – 20lbs
    • Size 2
      • 12 – 35 lbs
    • Size 3 ranges
      • 15 – 40 lbs (seen here)
  • Snaps in snap down row (seen here) or fold down for one-size diapers.
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Available for custom orders
  • Top quality Prym super elastic
  • CPSC Compliant
  • Cotton woven outer layer (print)
  • Organic bamboo velour inner (blue)
  • Hidden layer windpro (the better quality) fleece
  • 2 soakers for absorption
    • Can be used snapped together or individually
    • Larger Soaker: Choice of 1 layer of organic bamboo velour or 1 layer of athletic wicking jersy + 2 layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece
    • Smaller Soaker: 2 layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece + 1 layer of polartec
  • Crossover snaps
  • Two rows or 3 rise snaps
    • Large fit range and adjustments
  • Serged edges

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

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hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird

Overall Impression

I adore hybrid fitted diapers and Dawn’s are fantastic! The serged edges are super soft and allow the diaper to be very moldable on baby (other option is turned where it’s folded over and considerably thicker). It’s summer now and I adore having my baby (33lbs in photo) to run around with just these diapers on. They’re cute, breathable and super absorbent. I use both soakers, but it’s possible to use either one. Both soakers have snaps to fit into the diaper and when worn together they snap to each other.

Downsides. These are not as trim as say a pocket diaper with single insert, but trimness isn’t what I’m going for here. I’m going for absorbency, natural fibers and breath-ability. As a mom to a well hydrated baby, fitteds are one of my absolute favorite cloth diapers.

Unlike a cloth diaper with a PUL waterproof layer, these can be washed and dried like all of my inserts! I love not worrying about ruining PUL and causing delamination. Very easy to care for. I wash them on hot and often dry right in the dryer.

As a shop owner Dawn is fantastic. I can’t say enough nice things about her. She provides great customer service, usually includes freebies like reusable wipes in the packages and runs her company with love. I can’t say enough nice things about her, did I already say that? She is also constantly upgrading, listening for feedback and designing something new! She even makes wool mama leggings, cotton leggings that put my lularoe to shame and does a lot of custom orders!

Shop HumBird RTS Here

hybrid fitted cloth diaper humbird


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Leigh Kitchens

These are gorgeous hybrid fitteds! I love fitteds for night time diapering, but have never tried a hybrid before. These look very soft & I love the absorbency of bamboo!

Dandi D

I’ve never tried one of these before, but they look amazing and that print is so cute!

Sarah Brown

A hybrid fitted!!! How creative! Cute print too.

Linda Manns Linneman

Diapers sure have come a long way since my boys were babies. These sound so nice for baby. I will have to check these out for my nieces new baby. Thank you so much for sharing


I can’t get over the vibrancy of the colours on the fabric! You can’t even get that on a PUL/TPU style diaper :O

Paloma Hernandez

Omg this is amazing. Im looking at different fitted right now, for overnight diapering and i have to try this

Candace Ortiz

These look Great! I’ve read a few reviews of this brand on other blogs as well,and I’d love to try it on my heavy wetter.