Grandma’s Famous Noodle Salad Recipe

Grandma’s Famous Noodle Salad Recipe

Every time I host a gathering, the phone calls start. “Is Grandma making her noodle salad?” That’s it! It goes quickly and is the most requested item. However, over the years I have wanted to health it up a bit. I found a way to get the same great flavor with a much better mix ingredient. Here’s Grandma’s Famous Noodle Salad Recipe.

noodle salad recipe with mayonnaise

   noodle salad recipe

      Grandma’s Famous Noodle Salad Recipe has been perfected over the years. Originally she used a scary slaw mix and I personally wouldn’t consume it. However, once I discovered this secret ingredient…no one, even Grandma, can tell the difference! My kids can’t get enough and party guests love it. It has a creamy consistency, a little tang, just enough sweetness and saltiness. I healthed the recipe up a bit by using organic ingredients, however you can go standard too.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions here are my own. 

Ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1lb Small Shells (pasta)
  • 1 cup chopped celery
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped olives
    • Black canned olives or green
  • 1/2 cup chopped sweet gherkins
  • 2 hard boiled eggs peeled
  • 12 oz Chosen Foods Coconut Oil Mayo
  • Paprika for garnishment (optional)

 Grandma’s Famous Noodle Salad Recipe Instructions.

First boil the shells and strain when aldente. Let noodles cool to warm and add in 1/2 of the Chosen Foods coconut oil mayo. Mix gently allow to sit. Refrigerate 2-3 hours, or until mayo appears to have absorbed. Next, add chopped celery, onion, olives and sweet gherkins. Add a splash of the sweet gherkin juice from the jar. Add an additional 1/4 of the Chosen Foods coconut oil mayo and mix gently until well combined.

Next, chop up the hard boiled eggs and mix through, being careful to avoid breaking them apart. Save a slice for garnishment, or mix throughout. Place noodle salad in decorative bowl and dust with paprika. Ideally, the noodle salad sits overnight in the refrigerator, but can be served right away.

For picky eaters, who don’t like to “see things” in their food. Puree the onion and celery in a food processor to get the same flavor while reducing the visibility of the vegetables.

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About Chosen Foods Coconut Oil Mayo

The mayo is the real secret to this recipe. It’s flavor and consistency can’t be beat. Chosen Foods is a San Diego based company that believes in real food, healthy fat, plant based protein, ancient super foods and eating well. It’s made with clean ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy & Canola free & made with cage-free organic eggs. Also, it tastes fantastic and the company is committed to being preservative-free and never use Genetically Modified ingredients or artificial flavors.

Ingredients include: Coconut Oil, Organic Egg Yolks, Water, Organic Sugar, Salt, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Less than 1%: mustard, citric acid, rosemary extract.

Where to find Coconut Oil Mayo

Chosen Foods Coconut Oil Mayo is available at select Kroger locations, as well as online at Chosen Foods. You can use coupon (must be all caps) COCONUTBOGO to buy 1, get 1 free and have double the noodle salad! Also great on sandwiches, with tuna salad and as a spread. Take advantage of the coupon offer from this lovely company.

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How did you know we have a few picky eaters that don’t like to actually see the onions and celery? HAHA! I can’t wait to try this fresh, updated recipe because I’ve honestly been scared off by way too many bad noodle salads served at potlucks over the years. *shudder8

Heather Johnson

I love love LOVE pasta salad! Your recipe sounds perfect for me and my kiddos!

Simply Mom Bailey

I’ve added the ingredients to todays shopping list and we are going to give this a try! I love a pasta salad.

deborah dennert

Looks good. Bet I can get my kids to try it. Fun summer lunch meal! Gotta see if I have the ingredients and maybe I can make it this weekend. 🙂

Alejandra Carreno

Very interesting recipe. I think I’ll sub out the olives for some pepperichini’s or chopped jalapenos to give it a spicy kick. The hubby & kids don’t care for olives…might have to do 2 separate ones 🙂

Ronald Gagnon

What a great recipe..I never heard of using sweet gerkins in a noodle salad before…I may even try this in my new crockpot!

Lori Smanski

this is wonderful. perfect for the hot weather that is here. thanks for the recipe.


I’ll be bringing this to my office!


Love it!

Calvin F.

Delicious recipe


This looks yummy!

Sandra Caballero

This sounds like a great pasta salad. I got to make it to try it. So saving it to my Pinterest.