bumGenius Elemental Review and 2.0 vs 3.0

bumGenius Elemental Review New Style

bumGenius Elemental all in one cloth diaper is very popular. In addition to being one size, the diaper has organic cotton and a nice level of absorbency. The company cottonbabies is behind bumGenius Elemental and has made multiple versions. The last bumGenius elemental known as bumGenius elemental 2.0 or E2 is different from the new elemental version 3.0 also known as E3. See the bumGenius elemental in detail and 2.0 vs 3.0. Post contains affiliate links.

First, I need to start with some version terms because I will admit to being seriously confused by all of the BGE labels. This is currently the 3rd version of bumGenius elemental or E3.

Newest bumGenius elemental 3.0 or E3 (this review) 

Older bumGenius elemental 2.0 or NBGE (review here)

Original bumGenius elemental or OBGE (at the Monarch Mommy here)

The bumGenius elemental diaper seen here is a limited edition print from cottonbabies Collector’s Club. It’s a subscription service with limited edition prints so you won’t find this at your cloth retailer, but it does make for a fun review! As a lover of natural fibers, I already adored the OBGE for it’s trim fit and natural fibers. I wondered how cottonbabies would improve on the design.

Unlike the 2.0, the 3.0 has a lined shell! It’s super soft and absorbent. This is one of the few diapers I don’t use a booster for with my well-hydrated baby! In fact, I add a booster to the last version (E2) and find the new style to be more absorbent! Here are the features.

bumGenius elemental 3.0 features include:

  • 6 layers of soft, absorbent organic cotton
  • Proprietary elastic designed specifically for cloth diapers
  • Easily tuck additional inserts under liner for custom absorbency
  • Waterproof outer cover prevents leaks
  • Accessible, replaceable, gentle elastic
  • Durable plastic snaps make diaper one-size
    • 10 waist snaps in double row
    • 2 rows or rise snaps
  • 3×3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes
  • Approximately 8-35+ pounds (my baby is 33lbs in photo)
  • Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs provide a custom fit
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification
  • Made in the USA cloth diaper

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental fit (NBGE)

I adore this diaper. It’s absorbent, my baby poops in it nearly every time I put it on so I know he loves it and it’s made from organic cotton. I even prefer it to the 2.0 style. The latest version revisits the lined shell that cottonbabies had in the original designed, I suppose bumGenius elememtan original (OBGE) and you can see the first version in this review from Change Diapers.

This is well designed, absorbent and unlike 2.0… I don’t need a booster for my baby! It’s trim and you can see it on the only cloth diaper model I have who doesn’t run away when I take photos below. The doll is featuring the smaller setting and my baby (33lbs) is at the largest setting with still more room for a 1 snap waist expansion.

Room for improvement?

With all bumGenius diapers I wish there was an additional wing snap and crossover snaps. When I’m out in public and have a dirty diaper to put back in our wetbag, the cross over snap lets me poop roll the cloth diaper poop and contain the mess. In addition, we get a tad bit of wing slip. Overall though, these diapers are excellent. Those are minor preferences.

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

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bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

bumGenius elemental review NBGE vs OBGE

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Below: a NBGE from my bumGenius elemental 2.0 review

OBGE bumgenius elemental 2.0


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This diaper is adorable. Must have!


We have a few elements older and newer. Not exactly sure which version, original or E-whatever. There are two things about them that I don’t like or wish they’d improve on. The first being the need for a crossover wing snap. No one wants their child’s poopy diapers unrolling and getting everywhere. The second issue we have with it, which might be just us. The attached cotton soaker inserts move and tend to bunch up.

Katie Carter

I will certainly have to get one! I wish I could get that print though. These dogs are so cute it’s killing me!


Thanks for a great review! I love that you posted detailed pictures. I haven’t tried these yet. Love all the snaps and the 2-row rise!

kathy downey

These are so cute !

Allie Reno

This is such a cute design!!

M Hobson

This diaper is definitely going on the list for possible adding to stash!

Tana Damian

That diaper is adorable! I haven’t tried BG yet. We just tried out a Flip cover over the weekend and if the fit is similar, the BG would work well for us. It’s a shame that print is exclusive to the subscription, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.