100 Hottest Fanny Packs

100 Super Hot Fanny Packs and Hip Sacks

Fanny packs were hot in the 80’s and 90’s. However, they¬†have not gone out of fashion! In fact, they have exploded with styles, prints, patterns and even sparkle. Weather the fanny pack is part of a costume, to keep your wallet safe on vacation or to hold your keys while babywearing, your hip sack can be super hot and stylish. Check out these 100 super hot fanny packs and hip sacks below!

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Amber Ludwig

I love that sequin fanny pack!! Omgosh!! So super cute!! Plus I am loving that I can wear one again lol!! Nothing I own has pockets!!

Linda Manns Linneman

These are so cute. I haven’t seen these around in years. I love wearing these when going to amusement parks, out shopping, etc. Thank you for sharing

M Hobson

These are definitely better designs than when they first came out, but I’m on the fence whether I’ll join the trend again!

Ashley Chassereau Parks
Ashley Chassereau Parks

This brings back SO many memories!! haha!! I love the one with cat faces! I should totally rock one of these on our next vacation! lol


I’m so glad fanny packs are making a comeback! They’re just so functional!

April Monty

I’m a huge fan of gabby packs,they make things easier especially when you have kids and need your hands free

Julia D

I’d love a fanny pack to wear on neighborhood walks to the playground. It’d be perfect!!