Omaïki Lötus Maxi Pad Review

Omaïki Lötus Maxi Pad Review

When I first heard about reusable menstrual pads I thought they sounded odd. However, after learning about the chemicals in disposable pads I dove in head first. Or dare I say…crotch first. Once I started trying reusable pads, I fell in love! Reusable menstrual pads, like OmaÏki Lötus pads, are comfortable, free of chemicals found in disposable menstrual products, absorbent and breathable! Once you go reusable…you never go back.

omaiki lotus

Disposable vs reusable

If someone asked you “Would you like to sleep on a plastic pillow composed of chemicals you throw away after each use or a soft reusable pillow you can wash?” Obviously you’d choose the reusable pillow. The same logic is true for reusable menstrual pads. They are like little pillows for your lady area. They are free of the toxins used in disposable pads, don’t crinkle, won’t make your groin sweat and are super absorbent. Read about all the reusable menstrual products available in Reusable Menstrual Products 101.

Reusable pads for incontinence

In addition to the reusable menstrual pads, Omaïki also offers reusable pads for incontinence. Okay, when I say incontinence I know you can think of full-bladder leaks. However, you should think leaks, not flood. Years ago my urologist said “God did not build women well. The urethra is too close to the vagina.” After having children, age and for no known reason whatsoever…ladies can leak a bit of pee here and there. Reusable pads are also great for every day bladder care!

Omaïki Lötus Features

  • Made in Canada with Canadian fabrics
  • Organic cotton and bamboo
  • Washable
  • Thin but absorbent
  • Waterproof PUL backing
  • Nature-inspired prints
  • Serged edges for minimal panty lines
  • Available in 5 sizes for Menstrual Care
    • Panty liner 8.5″
    • Mini-Maxi 8.5″
    • Maxi Pads 11″
    • Maxi Plus 11″
    • Thong liner
  • Available in Incontinence
    • Light, Medium and Premium
  • Wings that snap around your underwear
  • Matching web bags with zipper and pouch

How do Omaïki Lötus Pads compare?

Reusable menstrual pads come in a variety of backings. The blue/grey pad below is from Pink Lemonade Shop made from synthetic minky fabric and has a fleece backing. While the fleece is water resistant, it’s not waterproof. On a heavy day, it’s possible to soak through and onto my underwear. It’s also considerably thicker. The Omaïki Lötus pads are much thinner because they are made from organic cotton/bamboo and have a waterproof PUL backing. This waterproof layer is remarkably thinner than fleece and harder to see when wearing leggings.

My husband has come home from work and said “Are you wearing one of your reuable pads? I can see it through your leggings.” Also the reason I don’t leave the house in my leggings.

Despite the fact that the Omaïki Lötus pads are thinner and lighter than fleece backed pads, they are just as absorbent. I find the 11″ Maxi pad to be absorbent for my non-flood days, and the Maxi Plus to be better for those 2-3 days that I fear standing up too quickly. They are available for purchase at the Omaïki website and I recommend getting several packs so you don’t run out.

(Pin image below)

Washing pads is easy!

If the pad is lightly soiled, I toss it with regular wash. If the pad is heavily soiled I pre-rinse right before washing. With enough pads, they can all be stored/dried in a reusable wet bag or pail until wash day. If you are still building your stash, wash as needed. I use All free and clear laundry detergent and a hot wash, drying in the dryer. It’s really very easy!

Downsides (if there are any to not having pesticides by your vagina)

The natural pad is subject to staining. However, it’s a menstrual pad. No menstrual pad is going to stay brand-new looking. The best way to keep staining to a minimum is to have a good wash routine and not focus on stains. The pad can be perfectly clean, but be marked. In addition, PUL can be slippery on silky style underwear. I recommend going with cotton-crotch underwear not only for pad-stability, but to help your lady region breathe. All pads will move around to a degree, having proper fitting underwear is key!

     About Omaïki

     Omaïki owners, Ariane and Anouk are Canadian Moms and best of friends. These entrepreneurs run Omaïki which produces not only the pads seen here, but also reusable Canadian cloth diapers, nursing pads, swim diapers and trainers. Friends not only of the environment, these ladies employ Canadians locally and have over 10 years of experience with reusables.

Shop Omaïki Reusable Pads at their online store

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Ashley S

Ooh these look like something I need to try!! I like that they look thinner. Nothing worse then people able to see pad lines!

Maritza Hobson

They look like a good thing for everyday wear!

Ashley stone

Love that these are made in Canada! Must try these as I prefer a thinner liner. Also love that Omaiki makes matching bags. How cute! Great review 🙂

Marie Lowther

I really like how thin these pads are. They look more comfortable than the ones I have already. I would love to add these to the collection and use the other ones just for night time. 🙂


I did not realize that some reusable pads are thinner than others. I use disposables when I wear leggings for that reason, so I’m glad to know there’s a better option!

Tanya N

I love that it’s made in Canada with Canadian fabric.

Lindsey P

I love how these are chemical free!!!


Love that they are made in Canada!


These look awesome! I definitely need to go green in this area… I didn’t even know it was possible with pads.


Loved the comparison of the two brands of pads!

Katie Andersen

I’ve been on the fence about reusable mama cloth for a long time. While I’m still not completely sold (I substitute teach, so my schedule is already crazy and I never know the classroom I’ll be in…) I’m looking forward to starting out at least at home and seeing how it goes!

Erin K.

I love the sizes and the prints!


cant wait to try these!!!!

Miranda Welle

These look great! I love how comfortable they look. So much better than disposables!


I Love reading a very thorough Review, and you did just that..I am absolutely Stoked to know that these are Made in Canada, I Love how their are different length and absorbency’s, as they can be used for daily liners right up to the heaviest of heavy days..I love that their lined with PUL..Their made with natural cotton and bamboo which is a big time plus for me..I really appreciate the Review you did on the OMAIKI-LOTUS REUSABLE Cloth-Pad’s..


Once I started cloth diapering that opened my eyes to so much more. Mama cloth is something I would like to try when my period comes back.

Ginny Daniel

I love that they are thin enough to not be seen in leggings! and the wings! those are a big deal to me! thanks for the giveaway!


I really like PUL-backed pads, too, for extra insurance on my heavy days. These look so beautiful and well-made!

Heather Johnson

I switched to reusable menstrual products years ago. I love the comfort and the greenness.

Simply Mom Bailey

I was hoping we’d get to hold off on trying these, but it doesn’t look to be the case! Cant wait to try them.

Tara Anderson

Would love to give these a try! Are they as soft as omaiki diapers?

Larrolynn Head

I need to try the incontinence type! After three eight plus pound babies, the last born when I was 40, and a hysterectomy, I do have the occasional leak. I hate the disposable options! They don’t breathe and they always seem to smell slightly odd. This is a wonderful alternative!

Sam Rena

Thank you for this information. I will for sure be looking into purchasing some of these.

Erica P.

I love the variety of sizes– Its a pet peeve of mine when I’m stuck with a pad that’s unnecessarily substantive.