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Ryder + Rowan is a great work at home Mom (WAHM) feature! Why WAHM shops? Unlike a large company that has seamstresses, a sales department, social media managers and branding, a WAHM does it all. Picking out fabrics, sewing diapers, running social media accounts, shipping and creating a shop are all jobs of the WAHM business and these hardworking Moms deserve recognition!

Ryder + Rowan handmade items are made here in the USA in Iowa and shopping at this store is a very direct way to support a family. Nicole, shop owner, is the proud Mom to 2 babies and designer, creator and hands behind Ryder + Rowan. Handmade items include cloth diapers, maxaloones, inserts and accessories. Items can be completely customized and both ready made and made to order. See our samples below and visit my etsy affiliate links.

ryder + rowan cloth diapers and clothing

     When I first started cloth diapering, I wasn’t sure what to buy. I received our first prefolds as a gift and bought pockets one by one after that. Looking back, I wish my stash had more WAHM diapers. Why? Many are one of a kind, handmade and directly support a family. Items like those from Ryder + Rowan are high-quality and great for babies, toddlers and kids!

     What intimidated me the most about buying from a WAHM was the guarantee. I wasn’t sure who to order from or what I would do if something was ‘wrong’ with an item. Over the years, I’ve learned that the WAHM shops I’ve reviewed have amazing customer service, go above and beyond for every order and are made to perfection!

Ryder + Rowan AIO Features include:

  • Waterproof Eco-PUL layer
    • Eco-PUL is made with a solvent-free adhesive, non-volitile and does not release volatile organics.
  • Okeo-Tex standard 100 bamboo velour lining
  • Fits most babies 12-40lbs
  • Each item is handmade in the USA
  • Each insert contains 2 layers bamboo double-loop terry topped with bamboo velour
  • High quality KAM snaps
  • CPSIA certified
  • Layers, insert material and all aspects can be customized

Below, Ryder + Rowan AIO in small, medium, large

     Ryder + Rowan AIO inserts are sewn to the diaper itself and can be tucked inside of the cloth diaper pockets, or worn on top of the pocket as seen below. In addition, a booster can be added to the pocket for increased absorbency for daytime heavy wetters or to make a night time cloth diaper. Un-tucking the inserts makes the diaper dry faster and in my opinion, is a better way to wash AIOs to get them super clean.

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     Ryder + Rowan Maxaloones literally grow with baby. The waist and leg cuffs fold up and down as baby grows. This means that the pants last a long time and are great for all seasons. In addition, they have some stretch in the fabric and fit well. The panel on the bum makes the backside perfect for wearing over cloth diapers and chunky bums.

     For comparison, here is a thirsties pocket diaper in largest and smallest setting. For fit, you can see my 33 lb 1-year old baby in the Ryder + Rowan AIO below. He still has a row of rise snaps and a few waist snaps to go. This diaper will fit him for a long time.

     Overall impression. This is a really nice AIO! When I first opened it, I was really impressed with the quality. I would rate it at medium absorbency. I have a heavy wetter who soaks the front of diapers, I literally boost all diapers for him and this lasts us nearly 2 hours. The pants are a tight fit over his chunky legs and I would recommend going up a size if you are unsure or in-between.

     About the shop! Ryder + Rowan shop owner Nicole is wonderful. She has been sewing since she was a little girl and started making diapers when other cloth fell short of her expectations. As a #BoyMom herself, she makes items for her 2 sons and has lots of personal experience with the baby items she sells! I highly recommend visiting her etsy shop and heading over to her facebook page to give her a “like” and look through the photos. She even has a video of her sewing a diaper…which as someone who can’t sew well at all…I find super impressive!

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Heather Johnson

Looks like a great brand of WAHM diapers! I am a fan of all-in-ones.

patty Watson

So cute

Maddy k lewis

Theses look fantastic!

Alexis Cuffy

I love supporting WAHMs too! Such cute diapers!


Thanks for the review! I haven’t tried any WAHMs yet and I wouldn’t know which type of diaper to get through Ryder + Rowan so it helps seeing a review on the AIO.

Dandi D

I only have a few AIO diapers, but I really like them, so I would love to try this one!


I think those diapers are adorable but the pants are to die for.

Kristina S

I m just starting to get into cloth diapers and I’m so glad I saw the giveaway. I comment and I might just have to buy one or two…..maybe three if I don’t win lol


I love the prints, so fun and unique! I also like that she sews the inserts in, so no having stuff the diapers.


Love the review, very thorough. Haven’t bought from WAHMs before but this helped me decide that from now on I should. Instead of supporting giant companies, we should support families of hard workers. ❤

Kalina Summer Bojkova

Oh wow I love this prints!

Cathryn Colcer

What a great little company! Thank you for exposing them to all of us! As a wahm and etsy shop owner as well, I can imagine it is a huge boost for her business! The products look well made and the color choices are so cool. Thanks for the review and information about this company! 🙂

Amber Ludwig

Sounds fabulous!! I love the fit and I love that when adequately stuffed it has no leaks for quite a while!!

Danitra Smith

Thank you for this review! Shopping at WAHM shops can be intimidating and reviews like this help sort through shops to trust. The prints are super cute and I’d give them a try 🙂


Looks like a great product!


Her prints are soooooo adorable!

Amy Smith

I love the prints you use, and that the PUL is Eco! Thank you for participating in the giveaway, and props on being a WAHM, that is my dream!!