Baby Smile Baby Nasal Aspirator Review

I wish I had this baby smile baby nasal aspirator years ago. I’ve tried them all. The blue bulb syringe, a clear one I bought at Target, the Nose Freida, Knock-offs and the Neli-Med Nespira. With 4 little boys who get sick regularly, boogie sucking is just part of Motherhood. Up until now, it was fairly ineffective and difficult for all of us!

When baby is sick, with a head cold or respiratory infection, clearing mucus from his nose is key. As a breastfeeding Mom, I know that a clear nose is vital to nursing a sick baby. Baby breaths through his nose while breastfeeding, and is nearly impossible when his nose is stuffed. Luckily, Baby Smile has created this medical grade motorized baby nasal aspirator that clears boogers in no time! Check it out in this sponsored post and find affiliate links.

BabySmile baby nasal aspirator review

Breastfeeding a baby with a stuffy nose is tough. He latches, tries to eat, unlatches and just can’t get enough milk or comfort himself when he can’t breathe through his nose. I’ve tried many different nasal aspirators and often wondered why there wasn’t an electric version available. I was thrilled to test out this BabySmile baby nasal aspirator with my family. It comes in the box seen below, is well packaged, and has a mucus collection container, tubing (reminds me of breast pump tubing but thicker), two soft suction tips and a power cord. The company also offers BabySmile replacement parts on their site to keep this machine going for a long time.

If you’ve ever used a nebulizer, the machine sounds exactly like a breathing treatment machine. It has three power settings and weighs less than 3 lbs. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and take apart and provides continual suction to unstuff noses quickly. Taking only 3-5 seconds per nostril clearing, this is fast and easy to use. The collection cup is huge and allows for water to be sucked through system after each use to clean out the tip and tubing.

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When baby can't breathe through his nose, no one is happy. This electric BabySmile baby nasal aspirator machine does the job! Read my review and see how this works for my family.

     Overall opinion. This is fantastic. It’s not enough suction to make me concerned about using it with my baby, but it’s enough to do a good job. I’ve noticed that when I use the suction, it should create a near seal around the nostril for the best highest-suction effect but I’ve also used it for clearing the opening of the nose. I serial-suck my kids one after another and this is a great way to avoid overusing medications for our family.

     The image below is a stock photo from BabySmile, baby health care company. My baby does not look nearly as pleasant having his boogers sucked and as both the person doing the suction and the photographer in the family a photo of my attempt…well you get the idea. Please watch the BabySmile video below to see this machine in action! You can find this product on the BabySmile Website and also at my affiliate on Amazon.


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Emily Powers

This looks fantastic. My nose Frida got gross inside the tube and so I stopped using it. Thus looks really nice.

Lucy Mills

I’ve used a motor powered aspirator before, but not this kind. Looks like a reliable brand! Hope your baby gets better!

Amber Ludwig

3-5 seconds?!?! Omgosh what a dream!! Far superior to the normal bulb!! This is seriously so awesome!!

Dee L.

I love the fact it’s hospital grade.

barbara parker

I never used one before. I see so many brands out these days and everyone has them. The parents of my new grandson has a simple bulb. My son hates it and calls it stupid. Would be nice to win this for them! lol


My sister is due in May and this would really help her out. I like that this is something hospitals use.

Leigh Kitchens

Our Nose Frieda is definitely a step up from the blue bulb sucker, but this machine looks so awesome! It takes some coordination with the Nose Frieda to hold the baby, the end in his nose, & suck on the other end all at the same time. This looks so much easier.