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Going green is important to me. I know that the climate is warming and that what I every day directly impacts the health of our planet. One place I needed to go green was the bathroom. After switching to reusable menstrual pads, I knew it was time to switch over to reusable toilet paper or family cloth.  After using cloth diapers and wipes on my children, it seemed wrong to change over to disposable toilet paper while they potty trained. While I continued to use reusable wipes on my children, I needed something for me.

What’s reusable toilet paper? Unpaper toilet paper, family cloth and reusable toilet paper all refer to wipes used for toileting. The wipes get used like disposable toilet paper, washed and reused again. They save money on toilet paper, are better for the planet and never leave any bits left behind, are softer than toilet paper and do a better job cleaning your butt. They can be pre-moistened, used with soap or as a dry wipe for any area you need to wipe.

reusable toilet paper family cloth unpaper

Flash back.

The first time I saw reusable toilet paper was on a TV show featuring people living “cheap.” I didn’t have my children yet and thought it was so gross. I thought, why would you use reusable toilet paper?! Then, I got to know someone who works at a plant that makes toilet paper. One of his jobs is putting on a hazmat style suit to climb into the giant chemical tanks to solve problems. I thought…toilet paper is made with toxic chemicals requiring a hazmat suit?! Yikes!

Moving away from disposable toilet paper and towards reusable toilet paper.

Toilet paper is a chemical shit storm made of wood pulp and chemicals. Who wants to wipe their vagina, or rear for that matter, with chemicals? Ever get a urinary tract infection from toilet paper. I have! Know what my OB told me? Use a washcloth! In addition to potentially being harmful to your private regions, it’s not good for the environment. The impact it has on the environment includes cutting down trees, transporting them to a plant, turning them into pulp, mixing it with chemicals to make big rolls of toilet paper and waste product littering the environment. It’s then cut into smaller rolls, packaged and transported to stores where it costs money to buy and is taken to our homes. A lot of impact for a little wiping. Post contains affiliate links.

I am thrilled to share our sample of HumBird TunP, or toilet unpaper. I love HumBird’s wool diaper covers and overnight fitted diapers for my baby so I knew I would love TunP for me! What TunP? It’s HumBird’s reusable toilet paper. Have a look at photos below.

Features of HumBird’s family cloth reusable toilet paper include:

  • Approximately 6 x 4 inches
  • Mixture of prints and patterns
  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Washable
  • Sets of 25 wipes
  • 2 layers of flannel
  • Easy to care for

(Pin image below)

Reusable toilet paper is also known as family cloth, toilet un-paper and TunP. It's a green alternative to disposable toilet paper made from pulp and chemicals and saves money too.

     At first, using reusable toilet paper was a completely different experience from disposable toilet paper. Disposable toilet paper is far thinner and some wetness can even get through to your fingers. TunP is much thicker and the flannel feels very different from it’s chemically composed alternative. I have some flannel reusable menstrual pads, so I already knew that the fabric is absorbent and durable, but I found it surprisingly plesant to use as a wipe. In addition, I like wetting it in advance to wiping to get much cleaner then disposable toilet paper.

Washing TunP is easy too. I store in a wetbag and do a pre-rinse before putting the cloths into my wash machine. I have a HE frontloader that does a terrible job getting anything clean. I’ve found that pre-rinsing our cloth diapers, pads and TunP is the only way to get clean laundry. I wash with all free and clear or tide free.

Where can you find TunP? Shop HumBird’s TunP selection to see what she has in stock and like HumBird on FB too. You can message her for a custom order or buy from the online selection.








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