Organic Cloth Diapers

Not all cloth diapers are created equally. Organic cloth diapers are made with organic fibers including cotton, bamboo, hemp and at times a combination. Unlike their less expensive microfiber counterparts, they are not made with chemicals. In addition, organic cloth diapers are of the highest quality, typically made in the USA or Canada and more absorbent and durable. Here’s a list of the brands, styles and where to find organic cloth diapers. Post contains affiliate links.

organic cloth diapers

Organic cloth diaper styles:

     Prefold diapers – Hand-towel shaped diaper that gets folded and used in many ways for absorption. These are often the most economical way to cloth diaper with natural and organic fibers.

     All in one cloth diapers – This includes a waterproof shell with all of the absorbency sewn or clipped inside to make them fast to put on and easy to care for. They do typically take longer to dry but don’t require any assembly.

     All in two organic diapers – AI2s come in two pieces. Typically this involves a waterproof shell and a removable insert or inserts.

     Fitted cloth diapers are known or their absorbency and ability to hold overnight. However, these diapers don’t have a waterproof layer and need a cover to be waterproof.

     Organic Pocket cloth diapers

     Organic diaper covers – Organic wool is the most popular organic diaper cover. When lanolized it is both breathable and waterproof. It can be used many times before washing and pairs well with fitted diapers.

Organic Newborn Cloth Diapers

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Organic cloth diapers are superior to their microfiber counterparts. They are often made in the USA and Canada, made of the highest quality natural fibers and may even be hand made. The top brands and styles include

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Dandi D

I don’t have any organic diapers, but I’d love to try one!


My favorite is the AIO from Smart Bottoms!

Rachael Light

<3 organic

Wendy G

Thank you for explaining all the different types of diapers and providing links to vendors of organic versions. It is so nice to have all this information in one place