Tips for Attending MommyCon

What’s MommyCon? MommyCon is a conference for green parenting. Babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and eco-friendly baby products galore. The event includes a MommyCon gift bag, vendor hall where you can shop for goodies and sessions where you can hear speakers like the owner of cottonbabies! If you’ve ever felt alone in your eco-friendly parenting journey, MommyCon is the place where you connect with your people.

I’ve attended MommyCon the past four years in a row. Each year I learn something new and am better prepared for fun the next year. My tips? You need to put on your game face, have a plan and make sure to hit all the hot spots before the event is over!

Here are my top secret tips for attending MommyCon and having the best possible time. With these tips you can tackle MommyCon like a pro and leave with amazing memories and products.

Tips for attending MommyCon

     The first time I attended MommyCon I didn’t know what to expect. My husband and I went unprepared and walked into the giant convention center a bit lost. At the last moment, he decided to attend with me. Best decision ever! He comes with me every year and helps carry my stuff, wrangle the babies and takes pictures and notes. Every year I learn more and go to the next conference better prepared. Here’s what I’ve learned and what you should know:

1 MommyCon is two days.

Day 1: VIP Day (usually Friday) and this is an additional purchase after you buy your main day ticket. Now, for 2018 things have changed a bit and you can buy multiple ticket options ahead of time. These spots are limited and they sell out fast. The main MommyCon VIP gift bag, usually around $100, is phenomenal and includes a full-size baby carrier. Each VIP session has it’s own goodies. You can’t buy a VIP spot unless you purchased a main day ticket ahead of time. VIP day is less busy and has small class size exclusive events with excellent goodies. Some retailers offer MommyCon exclusives that go for sale as soon as doors open. There are often Moms waiting and if it’s a hot item it is usually gone in a flash!

Day 2: Main Event day. This is the busiest day. First, get to the convention center on time and head to the ticket table. You’ll have to show a print out of your tickets or a copy on your phone. They do not sell tickets at the event, only online. Second, once you have your pass, get in the next line for your goodie bag. Third, after digging through your goodies, head to your session or straight to the vendor hall.

When doors open, the ticket and goodie bag line get log quickly! Luckily it usually moves well. Having your paperwork ready or photo on your phone can speed up the process.


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2. Bring Food

     One major thing we noticed at each MommyCon event was the lack of food. This sent us searching. We left the MommyCon convention centre to find a restaurant and tried to order food to be delivered without luck. As a breastfeeding Mama, I found myself very hungry. After a few hours of walking around, I would have eaten just about anything that came within arm’s reach! Anything.

     Truth? It’s convention centers. Don’t think this is just for MommyCon. As an Occupational Therapist, I attend big conferences packed with attendees. For some reason, convention centers are not usually well equipped with food. Luckily there were some snacks: Kind bar generously handed out bars ( I believe I ate 5!). We did get a pouch or two for baby however, if you’re looking for a sandwich or something heartier you’ll need to plan in advance to bring food or research surround restaurants. After waiting in line for one hour to purchase expensive, low-quality Italian food…I make sure to mention food to attendees.

The best venue for food was Philadelphia (4 years ago I believe) because there was a Panera right outside the convention centre and the Reading terminal market. An attendee told me that the Orlando location had some food within the hotel too. Make sure to plan ahead because hunger can ruin fun!

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

     This may sound like a no-brainer but your shoes should be made for walking. Convention centers are huge and you’ll cover lots of square footage in no time. If you’re wearing a baby or toddler, your feet will be taking on extra weight and you’ll need something supportive and comfortable. Two years ago I wore my Crocs, which are comfortable at home… but I found out the hard way that they’re not made for walking a whole convention center pregnant with a toddler on my back. While I consider myself to be pretty in-shape, they definitely weren’t a match for MommyCon!


4. MommyCon Exclusive Products

     Some companies put out MommyCon exclusive product you can only buy at MommyCon. Smart Bottoms had the most adorable diaper from Abby’s Lane. Even though I got to their table when the event opened, literally running through the convention center, I found myself in a big line. Be prepared. Bee-line to the table you want to buy from and carry cash. Any issues vendors are having with their IPad cash registers won’t impact you and you’ll quickly stash your purchases in the MommyCon goodie bag and move on to the next stop!


5. MommyCon Session Guide Pamphlet

     After you check in, make sure to get a pamphlet listing all of the events and sessions. Make a game plan. Spend a few moments deciding what you really want to attend. Every location has different classes however there are some staples like the cottonbabies intro to cloth diaprs given by the company owner herself! (seen below)

     In most events, there is a small area for children to play (supervised by you) with first come first serve toys. Get to the events on time (or early) to get a good seat and to avoid walking into the event late and searching for a seat. Balance sessions with trips to the vendor hall or go session to session all day long! Nursing? Breastfeed literally anywhere. You could sit in the hallway at MommyCon topless pumping or nursing and it would be 100% normal.


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Tips for attending MommyCon and having an amazing time. Don't go the event unprepared, attend MommyCon like a pro and have the best time possible. You can use my MommyCon coupon code to get savings on your passes for all general admission tickets too!

6. Plan on Handling Your Stuff

     The first year I felt overwhelmed with stuff. While MommyCon has a no-strollers preferred policy, many parents bring strollers for multiple children and they’re great for carrying stuff if you can’t do a drop-off at your car of hotel. My husband and I both got a MommyCon gift bag each, and our hands were quickly full. While the MommyCon gift bag itself is a great item, each event has different goodies based on what company sponsors give to attendees.

     We found that sending hubby back to the hotel, or to the van, right after check-in to do a drop was a huge help. At first, the bags weren’t any trouble, however after a few hours lugging bags around can be exhausting. Even if you don’t plan on making any purchases, that’s pretty unrealistic because once you see the goodies you’re bound to leave with something!

7. Vendor Hall

     Don’t dismiss the Vendor Hall. You are speaking directly with the PR reps and company owners! If you’re a blogger it’s a great time to share a business card and make contacts. If you’re not a writer it’s still a great opportunity to be in awe of the very people who designed and promote the products you love! I literally can spend the entire event in the vendor hall looking at new products and seeing everything in-person that I’ve looked at online. Oogle baby carriers and wraps, diapers, and baby goodies galore!

In addition, MommyCon puts out a subscription box that has many of the same brands they feature in the vendor hall. This is one of the months I received below:

MommyCon mystery box unpacked! Looking for great basket stuffers for Easter? 1. @thedoodlepants cotton stretchy pants that fit great over cloth diapered bums. 2. @mixedpears Suitables role play bibs really fun and great for playing and enthusiastic pasta eaters one-size 1T – 3T. 3. @replayrecycled compartment dish, great for making fun meals, won't break if it gets tossed on the floor and separates foods for kids who don't like when their food touches. 4. @wearewholelife Aroma play doh…for the kids? I think I'm keeping this one! Smells amazing and great for multiple senses. 5. @picspeanutbutter Peanut butter shot. Perfect, because I already eat peanut butter straight from the jar…and can now do that on the go! . . If you're going to MommyCon you can use my affiliate coupon MAMABANANA17 to save on your tickets! Have fun! . . . . . #mommycon #parentsquad #mommyconparentsquad #flatlay #momblogger #recycle #baby #ecofriendly #replayrecycled #peanutbutter #picspeanutbutter #doodle #doodlepants #mommyconnyc #mommyconchicago #mommyconorlando #mommyconatl #bib #roleplay #playbasedlearning #sensoryplay #mommyconbox

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8. MommyCon Hangover is Real

     The MommyCon hangover is real! You will be taking in so much visually, physically and across all senses that your brain will be in overdrive. The next day or two should be used for rest. I found that I felt pretty wiped out for about two whole days after MommyCon events. Plan to stay hydrated and look back on photos and memories from the event. It goes by quickly and can leave the whole family feeling a bit drained.

9. Stay Overnight

     If you’re not in close driving distance, it’s really worth staying close-by overnight. While we stayed the night before MommyCon, I believe staying the night after is ideal too. We drove home from MommyCon DC (event no longer at this location) and after a very busy day, it was strenuous. Our toddler got carsick multiple times, I really appreciated taking extra prefold diapers for cleaning up vomit, it took longer then we imagined with traffic and we dreamed of still being in our hotel room resting. In addition to being a sanctuary after the event, a hotel room is also a great place to drop off stuff you get during the event. MommyCon does book blocks of hotel rooms but we were able to find great deals even closer to the location online.


10. Post-Conference Prizes

     There are giveaways at the end of each MommyCon! Vendors give out prizes, often displays, from their booths and the person on the microphone will use your ticket number to draw responses. First year we went, they drew 4-5 names before someone was around to claim a prize. We won a single stroller! Next two years the room was more packed. Packed. Last year prizes were handled poorly and they were tossing them to the people sitting right in the front by the stage or asking for due dates (giving a Mama with a newborn, baby or toddler a zero chance of winning). I really felt like we wasted time and since we didn’t stay another night this prolonged the drive home.

    Last year, they also gave out products from the MommyCon gift bags as the giveaway session ended and the crowd was not super polite. There was pushing, some greed and after waiting for what felt like forever (without even getting up close) I walked away with a little tub of cereal a kind Mama passed back to me. That being said, if you’re a lucky person it may be worth staying. If they’re tossing prizes into the audience sit in the toss-zone. If you have a long drive it might not be worth staying.

     For 2018 MommyCon has announced that they will do prices differently, at least for one venue I say. Instaed of the end of the day prizes, they are going to give them out throughout the day! Great, right?

Good luck and have an amazing time at MommyCon!







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I would absolutely love going to mommycon I have neb r been so it would be an amazing experience

Anne S

Thank you for these tips from the trenches! Had no idea it was tough to find food (that’s always a big issue for me and my big family). Hope to attend MommyCon very soon!

Sandy 'Allure' Chiang

Bringing food is definitely a good tip.


Ahhh, sounds amazing! If only the Chicago one wasn’t during tax season so hubby and I could drive out!

Jamie Williams

Gosh! That does so so awesome. I would so live to attend.

Hannah McCarthy

Would love to join in!


Great Tips!! We weren’t sure about getting a hotel but you may have convinced me to.

Jen Rothermel

Geeat tips to help navigate the sea of mommy at mommycon!

Amy Howard

Bringing snacks is a must!

Robin W.

I hope I can win a ticket, I won’t be able to go otherwise. I’d really love to go, as this would be my first time. I appreciate all of the tips, they definitely help!

Susan Chapman

These are great tips! Especially about the shoes and lack of food. I will have to come prepared!!


Great tips! Thank you!


So many awesome tips!! Thank you!


This is great – would definitely need to bring food! Breastfeeding hunger is so real!


This seems awesome. I didn’t even know mommycon was a thing! I have family in Florida too.. so this would be perfect!

Gretchen Russick

I’m looking forward to going for the first time this year! Thanks for a chance to win a ticket for hubby!

Joy L

I have never been to one…maybe someday.

Hollie Baker

This is my dream to go. Thanks for the tips!

Sam Farrell

I am so excited about my first MommyCon. These were awesome tips!!

Brittany Brandenburg

Can’t wait for MommyCon 2018!


Do they have these all over? I would love to go to one…though I think I’d rather go to a ParentCon!

Ashley H

Last year was my 1st time and it was so nice to see other cloth diaper baby wearing moms. Plus being able to touch and feel the products was a plus.