Free 12×8 Canvas Print

My Canvas print is one of my favorite things! It’s a photo I love that looks like it would be in an art gallery and it has a very happy memory. I’m very happy to present you this post for a free 12×8 canvas print. How do you get it? Canvas on sale wants you to share their promo! However, you don’t have to and still you get a free canvas print. Here’s how: (this promotion is not currently working and I have contacted the company for a resolution and hopefully it will be working soon! This is completed through USFamily Guide and they are aware of the issues as well.)

1. Go to Canvas On Sale

2. Upload your favorite picture, choose 12×8″ canvas and enter the voucher code from the website in the basket Keep it for yourself or present it to your loved ones.

3. Once you have ordered your free canvas you can share this with your friends anywhere in the web, so they also get a free canvas print. Does not include shipping. Easy right?


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