Chimparoo Trek Baby Carrier

Chimparoo Trek Review

The Chimparoo TREK baby carrier marries the best of both babywearing worlds: Woven wraps and Soft structured carriers (SSC). The beauty, softness and quality you find in Organic Chimparoo woven wraps is converted into soft structured carriers by the Canadian manufacturer! Certified free from toxic chemicals, these carriers are soft right out of the package and supportive with lots of adjustments. A woven wrap conversion SSC at a canvas price?! Yes, you need one. See my review sample below and shop my affiliate for your own!



     I’ve looked at woven wrap conversion carriers and found the prices of some to be shocking. In addition to purchasing the woven wrap, you also have to pay a conversion fee leading many to be in the $400 price range! Yikes. I was so excited when I found the Chimparoo TREK baby carrier because it offers the amazing Organic Cotton woven wrap fabric Chimparoo makes it’s woven wraps from…in soft structured carriers! Best yet, these run around $169 and are nearly the same price of other brands that make carriers with canvas.

     Soft right out of the box, the Chimparoo TREK is surprisingly supportive! The waist panel provides great support and this carrier came with sleepy dust. My baby (9 months old and 26 pounds) below falls asleep in it fast and is very comfortable. In addition, it’s beautiful and I love wearing it! Features include:

  • Fits most babies 7-45 lbs
  • 3 Positions: Front, Hip and Back
  • Generous waist belt, I’m on nearly the smallest setting here.
  • 2 Places to Adjust Padded Shoulder Straps for Great Fit
  • Chest or Back clip slides up and down
  • One-Handed release buckle
    • So you can keep the other on baby!
  • Wash carrier before first use
    • Hand wash or use garment bag so straps don’t get tangled on an agitator.
  • Designed to be used with Stirrups
  • Stretchy Head Support and Seat for Newborn
  • Elastic Bands to Roll Up Extra Streap Length
  • Curved Top of Body Panel for Head Rest/Support
  • Option for stirrups for older children


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Chimparoo TREK organic cotton baby carrier is made from woven wrap fabric in Canada! A woven wrap conversion baby carrier at a canvas price, if you're not babywearing with one you will want to! Soft right out of the package but supportive this is a really beautiful baby carrier.



     Overall impression. This is a great carrier! I love that the waist buckle adjusts from both sides for fit and it’s both supportive and beautiful. While it’s not as structured as our Lillebaby carrier, it’s not as soft and thin as our Tula. The padded shoulder straps are great and I can carry my 26lb 9 m/o around without feeling like he’s hurting my shoulders or too heavy. This is great for back carries and front carries, I don’t usually carry on my hip just because my back is so convenient. This carrier went shopping with us to 4 stores yesterday and my little man was very happy. I could feel him peeking over my shoulder or leaning to the side for a better view! One of the many benefits of babywearing.


(Image credit above and below Chimparoo)


     About the Company. Chimparoo was founded in 2007 by Graduate Occupational Therapist Christine Duhaime (yay, yippee, woohoo!). As a fellow OT I think that’s amazing! The knowledge OTs have about development and caring for a whole being fits perfectly with babywearing! Available across the globe, Woven fabric Chimparoo carriers, like the TREK, are made with organic cotton and made in Canada! The line is extensive and carried by many retailers. Chimparoo makes woven wraps, Mei Tais, Ring Slings, Stretchy Wraps, and a fully adjustable soft structured carrier known as the Multi 2.0 that has 4 positions including forward facing. In addition, they also make carrier covers! Please make sure to visit Chimparoo online and Like Chimparoo on Facebook.

    You can purchase baby carriers right from Chimparoo’s shop online and from my affiliate at Lagoon Baby.

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