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I practice gentle potty training and allow the process to happen over time. While setting a potty learning routine at home is easy, holding your bladder in public can be tough when you’re a toddler! A bathroom isn’t always available and sometimes we need to wait longer then usual between potty breaks. This is why I like reusable cloth training pants for an extra level of protection. Trainers like this Best Bottoms Reusable Training Pants provide layers of absorbency plus pull up and down like underwear. In addition, they can use the Best Bottoms cloth diaper inserts! Having a leak doesn’t mean we need to change a whole outfit. Target here we come! See details about this very versatile trainer below and shop my affiliate and use Best Bottom coupon mamabanana for 5% off off purchase.


There came a time when my son realized that “diapers are for babies” and I started shopping for trainers. In addition, I felt like we were at the end of fit for some of our cloth diapers. I knew that underwear weren’t enough and I wanted to try trainers. Cloth trainers are superior to disposables for many reasons.

Unlike a disposable trainer, a cloth trainer can be reused, is more like regular underwear and comes in a variety of prints and colors. The Best Bottoms Training Pants come in multiple sizes and with these “feel wet” inserts helps potty training by feel. If a leak happens, the insert can be snapped out and changed on the go! They’re very easy to take a long and not bulky in my purse or diaper bag because instead of taking a whole diaper or trainer, I just carry extra inserts. For babies who use Best Bottoms diapers, those inserts can move right over to the trainer!

Best Bottoms Training Pants Features Include:

  • Available in 6 colors
  • FeelWET inserts avaiable that snap into the back and front to stay in place
  • Cute snap-in inserts come in a variety of patterns
  • Easy to pull up and down
  • Sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL
  • Waterproof zone prevents leak-through from small accidents
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily machine washable
  • Economical because you can change several inserts without needing to change the shell
  • Fits Best Bottoms Cloth Diaper Inserts too!
    • Allows to move from diaper inserts to feelWET inserts as training progresses.


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(Pin Image Below)Best Bottoms reusable training pants are made in the USA and can use best bottoms cloth diaper inserts in their shell and transition to the feelWET inserts used for potty training. The shell has two snaps to hold inserts in and overall is a great system!


     Overall impression. I really like this system. Love that they’re made in the USA and the training pant has a great fit. The XL rise is high enough even on my 42″ 4 year old and they aren’t too small around the legs. The interchangeable insert is nice because it keeps my diaper bag light and is easy to care for in public. Would I recommend these? I would! Wishes for the brand? I think this system is pretty perfect, the fact that these can be used with the higher absorbing diaper inserts is great. However,  if I have to come up with one wish it would be for a 100% natural fiber potty training kit like the hemp/organic cotton inserts you can purchase for diapers and use for this system as well.

     About the company. Best Bottom diapers are made in the USA and privately owned by a husband and wife team. All products are PVC free and CPSIA compliant. They choose as many Made in the USA materials as possible and support the local economy by using local factories for manufacturing. Where to find Best Bottoms? Make sure to visit the Best Bottom’s Website and give Best Bottoms a Like on Facebook. Shop my affiliates at:

Nicki’s Diapers

Diaper Junction

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     As always thank you for stopping by! I received a product sample to facilitate my review here and have linked to affiliate shops where I earn a small percentage if you purchase through my link. Want to see your product featured here? E-mail

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Marie Cole

My son is only 18 months old so we’re not really potty training yet but he has show interest so I got him a potty seat and have been looking at cloth training pants. We use best bottom diapers right now and I love them so I’m certainly looking into their training pants for when my little guy is ready for them.

Nicole Pyle

We used Pull-Ups when we were potty training my son. I hated them because the plastic left him rashes along the waistline. He was too big for all his cloth diapers and I didn’t have the time to order anything online because he was READY and it only took a day or two. But now that I’m pregnant again I think I will put something like this on my registry so I have it ready for the next kiddo.

Robin Wright

I was getting worried about potty training, but this post makes me worry a lot less now. Thank you for the valuable information and resources, I’ve bookmarked this page and will be sharing as well!

Jessica J

We just started training, and it’s going great at home, but I’m terrified to not have munchkin in a diaper out in public. This sounds like an excellent solution!


My lo is starting to shows signs of being ready for potty training. These look like they would work great for us.

Amber Ludwig

We used this set with my son and it was amazing!! I loved that I didn’t have to worry about his sheets and they were comfy for him to wear! So close to normal undies without the fuss of leakage and messes!! So great!! My son loved picking out his print for the day 🙂

Ashley Chassereau Parks
Ashley Chassereau Parks

I love that this set is washable as opposed to disposables too! I think my little one would love feeling like a big kid in underwear with the extra security of the inserts!! We have carpet in our house and I am afraid to start potty training for fear of her wetting everywhere through her clothes. These seem like an awesome way to get started!


This is a great read for a new-to-cloth-diapering mommy! The world of cloth diapers can be so scary, so it’s nice to have honest feedback and support to keep me sane and educated through this process.


Great for potty training! I like how they are made in the USA. It makes me feel safe to use them!

Caroline Duggan

I’ve never even seen reusable training pants until finding these! Pull ups are expensive and so wasteful. This is genuis!

Denise Beeman

We are in the midst of potty training with our 22 month old. We still need trainrs whn we are out and about. I like that these have exchangeable inserts and that you can add heavier diaper inserts – then I could have the protection needed for car trips but easier to pull down when we get to a potty


My son has started potty training, so these would be great, especially with the removable inserts.

Natalie Q

We used these to potty train our daughter and they’re great. She loves the prints and we always said “ok don’t pee on the monkeys” etc. Makes it fun and absorbs well when accidents happen!

Lisa M

I like your detailed review. Potty training time is coming up for us and these training pants look like a great transition item. I love the quality of our best bottom diapers so I would love to try out these training pants on my daughter when the time comes.

Amy Hall

I have a few of these and am excited to get to use them! We use Best Bottom exclusively during the day for 2 in cloth so I’m hopeful I like these just as much. I like the prints and things that hopefully my toddler will like. The only adjustment I wish they’d make is to have sides that snap for when accidents happen.

kayla sheehan

These look amazing! love that they offer something like this for the transition stage and that they are so easy to use!


We aren’t quite there yet but I’m nervous about potty training! Thanks for all the info, i think it will be useful.

Charissa N.

My daughter is only 14 months old, but I wish I’d had something like this for her older siblings during potty training.

Lee Dixon

These are so adorable. I just wish that my son would keep these on and not have as many accidents as he does. When I really love is there are snaps to prevent the insert moving and waterproof layer. i’m a little scared if he ends up pooping in this forgetting that there is a potty for him.