Applecheeks Size 3

The way our cloth diapers fit changed over time. My children seemed to grow out, then up and I found that our diapers would get near the end of fit and then re-position somehow. That was, until they didn’t and I started hunting for cloth diapers for big kids. My 2 year old son turned into my 4 year old son still in diapers and we have faced some medical challenges. I started referring to him as my “disabled child” in conversation and he quickly noticed that he was too old to be in the same diapers I use on our baby. I purchased our first Applecheeks Size 3 diaper and wish I had them sooner! They have a great fit, are a fantastic older child cloth diaper, can pack in a lot of absorbency and go from 30-65 lbs. Take a look at our diaper sample and shop some of my affiliates to see the selection.


          I got an AppleCheeks size 2 diaper cover for my second son and It sat among a stash of one-size diapers fairly unused and misunderstood. It wasn’t until I purchased my first size 3 diaper that I really started to appreciate the design and fit. This diaper, ranging from 30-65 pounds, can fit a lot of absorbency inside and has elastic on both the front and back for an amazing waist fit.

     Absorbency can be customized! While I love these for day, I am in love with this as a night diaper! It fits an entire prefold, two if needed and boosters with room left over. My 42 pound son has room to grow and the fit around his legs is superb even when stuffed. If the fit of the diaper and fact they are made in Canada isn’t enough, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

Size-3 Features Include:

  • Waterproof PUL outer layer
  • Microfleece inner layer
  • Envelope pocket opens in middle of diaper
  • 8 waist snaps, double row
  • Fits 30-65lbs
  • Made in Canada
  • Elastic at front and back of waist for great fit
  • Nice fit around legs
  • Currently available in 6 colors/prints (hopefully more to come!)

One-Size New 3-Ply Rayon-Bamboo Insert (seen stuffed in diaper below)

  • Three layers of ultra-soft 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece
  • Approx 12 x 15″
  • Soaker folds gives 9 layers
  • Can be paired with additional inserts for custom absorbency




(Pin Image Below)

AppleCheeks size 3 cloth diaper fits 30-65 pounds and is made in Canada. Made with waterproof PUL and lined with microfleece this envelope pocket cover can be stuffed with maximum absorbency.



     Overall impression. I’m really happy with the cover, thinness of the fit and ability to be stuffed to the max with all the absorbency my son needs. While the one size rayon bamboo insert is wearing well, it’s not enough absorbency for my 42 pound son. I add a booster or full size insert for absorbency, especially for at night. These covers are a priority item in my shopping! I’m working on building these in our diaper stash and am so happy when the two I have are clean and available for use. The fit is fantastic and I’m no longer using one-size diapers on the last snap!

     Most recently, my son underwent a surgery and we needed day diapers just as much as night diapers. He was tired from the surgery and anesthesia plus medication and needed diapers 24/7 for about two weeks. The AppleCheeks size 3 was perfect! Easy to change, easy to stuff and easy to wash. I can’t say enough nice things about the fit! He’s sleeping below just a few hours after surgery at home (same day surgery) in his AppleCheeks size 3.

    Please make sure to Like AppleCheeks on Facebook and you can visit the AppleCheeks shop for complete information about their many products. Where can you find them? Here are a few of my affiliates that carry the diaper:

Nicki’s Diapers

Lagoon Baby (Canada)





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Deanna Bailey

We have yet to try this size but we love our applecheeks! Your review was very helpful!

janie vezina

love that applecheeks will now fit a little longer with a sz 3 and still have the great fi.

Marie Cole

I haven’t tried applecheeks diapers yet but when my son was still having night time accidents at 5 we struggled to find a cloth option for him and so we ended up just getting disposables. If I had know about these diapers at the time it would have saved us a lot of money and frustration. Thank you for this review at least now with my new little guy I know I’ll have options if he’s still having accidents when he’s older.


I haven’t tried an applecheeks yet, but I keep hearing good things about them! I like that they’re good for bigger kids; my 18 month old is definitely on the bigger end (tall, anyway), and we hope to cloth as long as possible, which means we’ll need some bigger diapers. I’ll keep these in mind!

I also LOVE that they’re made in Canada! I like supporting local when possible.


I haven’t tried apple cheeks, but the bigger my girl gets the more I realize I will need some of these really soon, we are on the last hip snap and she is only 10 months 🙁


Very responsive of AppleCheeks to offer this third, larger size. Many one size or two-size systems just don’t make it into the toddler years, especially if you have a chunky or taller child.

Denise Beeman

I have never liked pocket diapers over night due to the elastic not holding enough, but this might be a great option for our son. He is only 2 but at 30 pounds now. He is potty trained during the day but I have a feeling nights will take awhile since he still waes up soaked every morning.


Loved using cloth diapers for my babies. So good to know they come in larger sizes now.

Abagail kuske

Love Applecheeks and love that they offer a size 3 to fit my chunky little guy – thanks for the great review!

Amber Ludwig

I LOVE that it can be stuffed to the max!! I had a heavy wetter and it was so important that we had a way to prevent leaks!

Jennifer Somers

When one size diapers stop fitting my daughter, I’m so glad to know that we still have cloth options! We currently do not have any applecheeks in our stash.

Trisha Chamberlain

Haven’t tried the size 3, but we love our AppleCheeks! These look awesome for heavy wetters!

Brandi T

Friends of my husband and I just found out their baby has some development issues and may be in diapers for a few years beyond the normal. I’m trying to convince them to use cloth and the fact that Apple Cheeks goes larger in sizes will be a big help!

hadas bar

I never tried applecheeks, but they sound a great solution for daycare and night times. Im going to check thir size 2 for my baby


I actually use the size 3 AppleCheeks for my off-the-charts-big son who outgrew everything else before he was 18 months old. I’m always looking to get more generously sized diaper covers.

Patricia DeHoag

I have one applecheeks diaper and I love it!! I’d love to try a larger size!

Christina McKenzie

I love that they offer a size three. My nephew was delayed because of health issues and really couldve used these.


i haven’t tried apple cheeks yet, but this looks like a wonderful diaper!


I love that these are waterproof! My friend who has 2 kids would love this.

Name: edye

Lisa M

I have heard great reviews on applecheeks diapers and am interested in trying them out, particularly as a nighttime diaper. I love that they are Canadian-made as well.

Staci Morton

I have not tried Applecheeks yet, though would like too! I have a 30lb toddler that shows no signs yet of potty training and a lot of the os diapers are getting snug on the largest setting. It’s good to know if we need a bigger size Applecheeks has that option!


I love the front elastic. They’re the only brand I’ve tried that has it. Knowing my genetics we’re going to need size 3 before two years!

Rocio Sotomayor

Wow, that’s a large diaper, up to 65lbs. I’m glad that Applecheeks considers that kids don’t all come in the same size, and that a chubby toddler might be bigger but still not old enough to be potty trained, or he/she can go potty, as in your case. I like also that these diapers have front elastics, because many times the fit is right but there is a front gap. That’s fine with younger babies, but as soon as they start to move more, it becomes an issue. I’m looking forward to try Applecheeks!


Haven’t tried applecheeks yet, but it’s awesome that they have the size three for larger/older babies. We are already on the last snaps in some of our one sizes and my son is only 10 months old! They look similar to AMP diapers which I have a few of and love.


I haven’t tried apple checks diapers yet but would love to try them they look great. I love that they are made for bigger babies.

Shalina J

I have heard amazing things about Applecheeks. I love the envelope opening of the diaper. Seems like it would be so much easier to stuff. Maybe I should take a plunge as I’m looking for a diaper that works for us at night.

Amber G

My two yr old is seriously growing out of most of our stash and isn’t on board with potty training yet so these look great!!!

Ashley Chassereau Parks
Ashley Chassereau Parks

I love the Applecheeks diapers we have! I would love to try this one on my growing girl who is having difficulties potty training. I think something larger would be good for her because the elastic in a lot of our diapers is wearing out because she is growing. Sounds like another great diaper from AppleCheeks!

Wanda Bee

I love the fact that these will hold a child up to 65 pounds.

Amber T

I have a special needs 7yo son that has outgrown our cloth diapers and we’ve been purchasing Costco disposable size 6, but he is growing out of those too (and it’s so expensive!). I wonder if these would be large enough to cover him? Thanks for the review, I will be looking into these more!

aimee place

I liking knowing there is an option like size 3 apple cheeks for larger toddlers/children. I would have loved to have had a few with my second child – it was difficult cloth diapering because I had trouble finding something to fit a larger child. Thanks for the review.

Tannis W

This sounds like the perfect night time/nap backup diaper for when potty training. Our kiddo is day trained but still needs some backup when sleeping.

Gabriella Cubit

All 3 of my children where large for there age and I got one Applecheeks with my daughter and fell in love. No night time leaks on belly or back. And no more pooh leg leaks. Sorry TMI…


We haven’t tried AppleCheeks yet, but I’ve heard awesome things about them from friends! I think that the wide size range and trim fit sound awesome! I love that it can really be stuffed, too!


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