Dolls for Boys

As a Mom to 4 boys, I know how hard it can be to find Dolls for Boys. I remember My Buddy from my childhood and often wish there was something similar for my children. I’m excited to promote the release of a great collection of Dolls for Boys by Hero Boys! In addition, I have a Hero Boys Coupon good off of any purchase!

HeroBoys dolls are large like the American Doll series for Girls, a whole foot and a half aka 18″, and come in a variety of characters. In addition, each character has a matching t-shirt, cape and mask for your hero boy. Sold in the Amazon store, you can visit my affiliate and use my ambassador code to save $5!


Use Hero Boys Coupon Code HBBA2011

for $5 off of your Purchase on the Hero Boys Amazon Store!

  • This is lowest price available after coupon, just make sure the store is Hero Boys and not Amazon itself.

Dolls for Boys HeroBoys     HeroBoys have 11 movable points and are made from the highest quality materials. The boys have their own comic book series to help inspire imaginations. These are a great series, durable and great for play with kids! Once you see one in person, you’ll want all 6!

     Hero Boys include: Gusto, Storm Serge, Thunder Hawk, Techno, Blazer and Rocko. Each character has a matching t-shirt, cape and mask that can be worn by a child. These Dolls for Boys are available with multiple hair colors and costume combinations and each has his own story. There is also a comic series that has it’s first issue out, in paper and staple bound! Great for collectors, children of all ages and a really fantastic, unique addition to any toy collection!

Coupon Code: HBBA2011

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Dolls for Boys by HeroBoys have 6 18" heroes that come with matching t-shirts, capes and masks. These heroes are the size of American Girl Dolls and come with a very important message. Every boy is a hero! Use HeroBoy coupon HBBA2011 for $5 off of your HeroBoys Purchase!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, it does contain affiliate links where I receive a commission on purchases. Affiliates help keep this ship running, so thank you if you shop through them! Want to see your family friendly product featured on this website? E-mail

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these look like a lot of fun for little boys! Thanks for the coupon code too 🙂

Taryn Burt-Denton

These are so cool! My son and daughter would LOVE these!!!! I love they are 18″ and they come with shirt, cape, and mask for the little!


I love the idea of this! My son loves super heros!

Thomasina Archer

Those are cute! I have 3 boys and they like my little ponies.


Glad to see more ideas for boys… That won’t be to strange or make people assume bad things…

Jennifer Mills

I bet my 3yr old would love these! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Sarah Boudrie

Cute idea, my son loves playing with my daughter’s baby dolls and barbies.

Laura Temple

We’ve never had “boy specific” dolls. All of our children play with all the toys. It’s satisfying to see our sons wearing the baby dolls from the toy box or picking a doll baby as a treat at the store. It’s just as great to have my girls pick a Lego set or TMNT costume set, complete with swords. 🙂

Renea turner clark

These are awesome I am excited to get one for my son.

Amber Campbell

How fun!

Catherine Chow

These are very cool! Didn’t realize they were so big from the picture!

Melissa A.

My son would love these.


My son loves the old school gi joes. I have to find them on bst websites. They definitely had more options when we were kids.

Amanda Smith

Love that that are making dolls that boys won’t be ashamed to play with.

Lindsey Hood

I think these are very cool, but I sorta hate the label. My niece would love these! Sh can identify every character in the DC AND Marvel universe. I don’t like that they’re American GIRL dolls either. If it gets boys comfortable with playing with dolls, then that’s good, but I can’t wait til we don’t have to have gendered toys.

Lexy Overstreet Broome
Lexy Overstreet Broome

These are really cool. My son loves GI Joe dolls (action figures as my hubby says they are called). I bet he would love playing with these cool super heroes too.

Shalina J

These are adorable!

Catherine B

My son had a baby doll when he was little, it was always naked and dirty 🙂

Jessica Lodge

I think these are awesome. I appreciate that they included a hero of color and hopefully in the future they can make an Asian and Hispanic version too.

Wendy G

Love these! I wish they had been around when my son was younger”. The play heroes in his stories were turtles!!

Melissa j gravel

This is an amazing article! You are so very well spoken! I’ve read most of your articles! Thanks for this idea for my boy!


These are really cool! My husband loves super heroes and would love to get these for our son or daughter also!


These are like action figures, only bigger! What boy wouldn’t love to battle with these colorful heroes?